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Therefore, Adobe PageMaker is desktop publishing software that contains different features such as access to tables, handling of texts, and master pages which are all essential to allow perform its functions easily.









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Adobe PageMaker software is a desktop publishing program that is used widely by most of the publishing companies. The main aim of developing and designing it was for the creation of the printing materials which include brochures, flyers, and newsletters among others.

Adobe PageMaker has a program that is versatile which allows easy creation of documents that have variation in the lengths, styles, and the orientations. Therefore, one can easily create everything from a simple one-page flyer or even a newsletter to multiple pages on the same such as booklets that have different layouts depending on the desire of the user. The software is also easy to use and it allows the users to enhance customization. For example, one can use graphics and images that enhance an ideal way of creating visual presentations and it provides the user with the ability to choose from a variety of the fonts, colors, and sizes to use.

The Adobe PageMaker also has another feature that involves the ability to handle text. The users are able to insert, edit, and easily format the texts easily, and the software has many options to customization by the potential users. When the users need to produce the pages with different fonts, sizes, and colors they can chose from the list that is available. There are some users who need to undertake some animations and use pictures and other visual representations when doing their work, and that is possible using this software. The existing wok that the users allows them to easily format and edit the same work due to this feature that this software possesses.

Adobe PageMaker also has the ability provide tools for working with tables and has the master pages. The master pages in this software include the templates that the users can create and apply with other pages in multiple formats within a given document. It therefore helps to save time and ensure that formatting is consistent through the document that one is working on. Adobe PageMaker is also possible to create multiple master pages by the users as much as they need and have each mater page with its own layout and content. It is also easy to create tables with different sizes and customize on the number of rows and columns. Therefore, it is easy to insert the tables into the documents and even move them around to the position needed by the users.

However, the Adobe PageMaker software lacks some important features which tend to account for its drawbacks. For instance, it has limited compatibility with the modern operating systems due to the development and advancement in technology. The last time this software was updated is in 2001 and since then there has been an evolution in the technology and the operating systems which does not guarantee a better performance of this program with the current operating systems that have been developed. It sometimes fails to function correctly when one uses it in the current operating systems which tend to inconvenience most of the users who tend to rely on it to perform their activities.

Adobe PageMaker is also not easy for the users to learn how to use the software to perform activities especially those ones who are new to desktop publishing activities. However much the program is easy to use once the user is familiar with it, the learning curve for the beginners may be very steep as it demands lot from them. Therefore, it is evident that this software is helpful in many activities and therefore the few challenges that he relevant stakeholder need to address to improve on its performance.

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