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Adobe Photoshop Express is a robust, fast and easy-to-use image editing solution that enables users to create, edit and share their photos.







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Adobe Photoshop Express is a free app that offers everything you need to quickly edit and transform your images on your mobile device so that they pop. Add premium features to make advanced edits instantly.

Adobe Photoshop Express provides powerful tools like auto tone, filters, frames and text for quick fixes without requiring additional software or expertise. With its intuitive UI layout, users can use the app quickly. While also having access to professional and customizable options like curves and levels editing to fine-tune their images. Its integrated sharing features allow you to instantly post your edited work on popular online destinations such as Facebook or Twitter. This ensures everyone gets a glimpse of your creativity. Additionally, Adobe Photoshop Express keeps all your projects organized. So, users can do revisit easily with just one click of a button. Overall, it’s an excellent mobile image editor app offering features that appeal both beginner photographers looking for basic photo enhancements.

Auto Fix

Auto-Fix in Adobe Photoshop Express is a feature that helps users quickly and easily correct their images. Users can enhance colors, increase contrast, reduce noise and remove red-eye. Auto-Fix works automatically in the background without user intervention required. users can use it selectively with manual adjustment when desired. The adjustments are based on advanced algorithms developed for Adobe Photoshop which results in higher quality outcomes. It additionally allows custom adjustments like exposure and shadows control as well as an “awesome” button. It instantly applies a range of powerful automatic corrections. Overall, the Auto-Fix features make quick fixes simple so that all levels of users can immediately improve their photos. Users can aesthetically edit image without having any specialized knowledge about color correction or image manipulation techniques.

Borders and Frames

With this tool in Adobe Photoshop Express, you can quickly add classic black or white borders and stylings. Adobe Photoshop Express offers its users a powerful set of tools to help them create stunning visuals. One of the most versatile tools is the Borders and Frames feature. It also allows you to directly upload certain existing frame designs from within Adobe right onto your photo with just one click. It lets you adjust the shape, color and size of frames for your images.

Text Overlay

You can use your favorite style without having to manually set it each time and saving you time and effort. Finally, users can apply filters such as blur effects on top of any layer added with Simple Text mode. This makes Adobe Express not only easy yet highly flexible when creating designs. Adobe Photoshop Express is an easy-to-use photo editing tool with powerful text overlay features. These include options for selecting typefaces, adjusting opacity and alignment, and even resizing the text all within the program. It’s also possible to adjust shadow settings, layer multiple lines of text using different styles or colors.

Filters and Effect

Adobe Photoshop Express offers a variety of filters and effects to provide users with professional-grade editing tools. Filters like Clarity, Black & White, Cross Process, Vignette and Tint Effect allow for adjustments to contrast, brightness and warmth. This further fine-tuning can achieve using Film Grain, Exposure and Tone Curve or Color Splash. Vintage Frames and Comic Speech Bubbles give images the desired look by adding themed frames/bubbles portraits in one click. Additionally, Gaussian Blur enables users to focus attention on the main subject. While Soft Focus allows one to adjust the image’s saturation for an airbrushed finish. Finally, Crop presets offer aspect ratios such as 4×6, 5×7 along with eight crop styles including golden ratio Rule of Thirds. All these features make Adobe Photoshop Express a great choice for beginners wishing to up their photo-editing game.

Impress with Adobe Photoshop Express

Enhance your shots effortlessly with intelligent Photoshop tools such as dehaze, cutouts, retouching, and noise reduction. Save time by editing multiple subjects at once. Correct red eyes in people and pets with one click. Change up your theme, then add some stickers and overlays to create a look that is all your own!

Keep your creative flow moving.

Save time by editing, designing, and mixing your images into an attractive collage directly inside Adobe Photoshop Express. Then add fun effects with new retouch features. You’ll have a variety of presets that you can use to enhance your images with a simple click. The premium features allow you to work with RAW images, make advanced healing edits (such as removing lens flare), and much more. The creative possibilities are endless!

Built-in inspiration with the Discover feed.

Would you like to replicate a style that you like? Then watch the playbacks in the Discover feed to learn how it’s done! Apply the same edits to your photos. Then watch more playbacks to see if you can improve on the style. Help inspire others by posting favorites directly to your favorite social media sites or messaging apps.

So simple, yet super-expressive.

Hundreds of themes and eye-catching effects will help you amp up your message in a super creative way. Backgrounds, borders, and layouts will help you add more style to your images. You can protect them by adding a watermark. Non-destructive saves will ensure high-quality images that will look great on your feeds.

Compatible with Photoshop.

Send your PSD files directly from your mobile device to Adobe Photoshop Express to use more advanced editing tools.

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