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Adobe RoboHelp is a software by Adobe acquired from the original publisher in 2005. The software allows users to create HTML5 with personalized help experiences for any device. It gives you the power to customized layouts and templates, publish content in different forms and many other great tools.








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Software description

Adobe RoboHelp is an authoring tool designed by Adobe Company for Windows OS. Blue Sky Software Company released the first version of Adobe RoboHelp in 1992. Ever since Adobe acquired rights to the software in 2005, they have been making impressive improvements to its usability. Adobe RoboHelp will empower you to deliver high-quality, differentiated content for different types of screens using HTML 5. You can use Adobe RoboHelp to generate responsive HTML files using a single click. Adobe RoboHelp is designed for legacy projects, and you can use it to publish content in KF8, MOBI, and EPUB 3 formats. If you are looking for an authoring tool that you can use to edit CSS and XML scripts, Adobe RoboHelp will assist with advanced features that will make your work very easy.

Features of Adobe RoboHelp

  • Scripting and automation tools
  • XML import and export
  • Live link support for Microsoft Word files
  • Usage reports on build tags
  • PDF-based review workflow
  • Single sourcing to multiple channels
  • External content search capabilities
  • Adobe Air output
  • Adobe Captivate integration

Feature highlights

Adobe RoboHelp features an intuitive HTML 5 design that enables it to be responsive across a range of devices, making it very easy to configure and work with. With responsive HTML, you will not have to set screen profiles, and you will be in a better position to make numerous changes that will be adaptive through all devices.

Adobe RoboHelp features an enhanced resource manager, which has gradually evolved since the company introduced it in its 8th version. The resource manager will help you to copy images, snippets, style sheets, and you can synchronize files between projects and from an external location.

Adobe RoboHelp is equipped with search functionality and a search auto-complete tool. It has a conditional tagging system that will assist you with a personalized help experience that is designed to provide a dynamically filtered output. To top that, the software will allow you to view your content just as your end-users will see it, which will enable you to design a tight layout that is very attractive. You can use Adobe RoboHelp to embed custom fonts and even transfer support information by importing entire folders that you can use to guide your process.

Adobe RoboHelp is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, and it will allow you to import or export content from Microsoft Office, 2010, and 2013. Adobe RoboHelp will also allow you to add videos using Captivate 7 software, and it will automatically integrate your videos to work on all platforms.

Adobe RoboHelp previously had an issue of inserting unwanted page breaks at the beginning or end of indexes. The latest release of the software focused on fixing such bugs, and now you can easily create headers and footers in the front and back sections of your documents.


Adobe RoboHelp has a simple user interface that you will find relatively easy to get around, especially if you have been using the previous versions. The new responsive feature of Adobe RoboHelp is essential since it will help your users to have a better experience even when using mobile devices. If you want a cross-platform web-based design software to design beautiful pages, Adobe RoboHelp is your ultimate choice.

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