BitComet Download

BitComet is a well-known BitTorrent client that allows you to download multiple torrent files from any supported website quickly. It is an efficient tool that can work very fast on Windows operating system. It is a freeware that supports FTP and HTTP network protocols. Being a hybrid downloads manager, this works by P2P file sharing. It is a stable computer application and is capable of downloading all types of files. While downloading the software, the setup asks to download some other free tools as well. Therefore the users must be careful in choosing the required download options.

Software details

Windows 8 / Windows PC

Software description

You may need a free torrent client if you want to download files over the BitTorrent network. When you’ve found a torrent file, you may require ways to download it. This is where a torrent file becomes needed. There are several types of free torrent clients. Some have more characteristics than others, and others even run from a site meaning you won’t need to install any software. BitComet is an example of a free torrent client.

You can transform this software quickly into an open outline that’s easier to use. To make room for download and file sharing and put aside items you won’t be using, you may conceal the toolbar and other windows. You can also access a programme from a browser on a different pc. This is made possible by advanced settings of this software’s section called Remote Download. Here are additional features of this software.

• You can install this software on Windows 7,8,10, Vista and XP.

• For the creation of a very clean uncluttered interface, you can hide the status bar, toolbar and other windows from the software.

• For bulk downloading you can use the app to open magnetic links, local torrent files and URL’s lists.

• The app can also assist you in backing up and restoring later the lists of torrents you may have in the queue.

• For quick and easy addition of Torrent into BitComet, you may enable integration in internet explorer, Firefox, and chrome.

• A Search bar will let you enter a torrent search term. However, the results will open in your browser. Thus they will not be shown within the app.

• You may configure auto shutdown settings to reboot, shutdown or quit BitComet after torrents downloading is done.


• It’s not hard to use.
• Can enable you to build your Torrents.
• Supports a clear and straightforward design


• Does not have a built-in browser for torrent exploration


BitComet also works as a pleasant download organizer in that it can arrange your downloads into different folders and you can also use it with non-torrent files.