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Calibre is a professional eBook management application. You can effectively organize your eBooks so that you can find the required books with ease.

Software description

Completely free development and translated into many languages, Calibre will allow us to organize, convert, transfer and even create e-books. Compatible with OS X, PC-Windows and GNU/Linux; Calibre is an application full of features to make the experience of reading in eReader much easier.

E-book readers have been slowly making a space for themselves in our homes. It is no longer rare to see users of all ages reading quietly on public transport or in the park with their eReaders. Whatever model you have, if you want to be able to fill your e-book reader, nothing better than Calibre.

We are going to see, step by step, its main features, the ones which made Calibre a “must” in many reader’s computer.

Adding and organizing e-books.

Once we have downloaded and installed Calibre, first we will be surprised by its simple design that makes it a user friendly software. Calibre is an application which allows us have total control over our e-books library. What is more, it is its main aim. We can add books from a single directory or from a file, being both processes easy and quick.

Downloading e-books.

Yes, Calibre can look for ebooks efficiently. Of course, all the books that the application will look for will be free of any kind of copyright, this means free or public domain. In case of paid books, Calibre will make a selection among the main e-book stores in the world to give the most economical price.

Create and manage libraries.

To enjoy the experience of reading before we need to have computer all our e-books. Calibre gives us two ways to distribute our books without having to change applications.

Create a new library: in this case we will create a new library from scratch to organize our e-books.
Create a new virtual library: unlike traditional Calibre libraries, this sub-library will be created within our main library and will serve as intelligent filters for searching among our books. Undoubtedly a necessary tool when we manage several dozens of books. Note that virtual libraries are fully automatic by including within them only those electronic books whose metadata match those we have selected.

Modifying metadata: keep everything in order.

If there is one thing that completely vertebrates Calibre it is order: an application created by and to order your e-book library. And without the metadata, this would be completely impossible.

Depending on the source from which we have downloaded the e-books, the metadata is usually 100% completed correctly. If this is not the case or simply because we want to add new data, we will only have to select the book we want from our library and press the “Modify Metadata” button. Then a window will appear with all the information of the selected e-book, from the author to the description of the book that will appear in our reader.

Downloading metadata and covers

What happens when a book does not have all the information in the form of metadata but we do not want to complete it manually either? For example, we do not know the year of publication, its correct order if it is part of a saga or we are simply too lazy to search for it on the web. Calibre will allow us to automate this task. Calibre will look automatically on the web for available covers and metadata so we can “complete” our ebooks.

Transferring ebooks.

Calibre supports almost all e-book readers, and transferring books to them will not be difficult.

With respect to Amazon’s Kindle, the system is practically the same as that of an e-book reader supported by Calibre, since if we only connect it via USB we will be able to see the book catalog inside it to delete or add new titles. But thanks to the technology of this type of device we will be able to do much more, such as sending new e-books wirelessly via email, so every time our Kindle connects to a Wi-Fi network they will be downloaded without the need to include any cables.

Change the format of e-books.

Almost any format is supported and converting e-books between them is an easy job thanks to its assistant.

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