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AudioDirector is a product offered by CyberLink which allows the user to edit and manipulate the video sounds. The program is very easy to access, it integrates perfectly with other products of the developer to offer a range of functionality. Thus, you can very easily improve the overall performance of the sound a video or even reduce the noise. If you have enough advanced technical knowledge, you can also record your own tracks with professional tools that are available together with this software.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

CyberLink AudioDirector is a powerful advanced audio editing software. With this program you can edit your audio tracks, mix them, apply effects, record music tracks and later add them to video files, and much more.

Without a doubt, CyberLink AudioDirector is the ideal choice for both amateurs and industry professionals, who are looking for a trusted program with which to manipulate their audio files and create authentic music wonders.On the other hand, before you decide on this program, you should know that they do not have any free download options.

It is an advanced software aimed at professional use, so if we really want to enjoy its advantages, we will have to assume an initial expense.


This is an important aspect that you will need to take into account before deciding to buy this program, since it is only compatible with windows operating systems. In addition, they will not be able to install it on any system, but it must be at least the version of Windows 8 and above, since the previous ones are not ready to run this powerful audio editor correctly. On the other hand, you’ll also have to check the capacity and processor of your device.

This type of software takes up a lot of space and requires a high responsiveness on the part of the processor to function properly. You’ll need a minimum of 4 GB of memory and a 64-bit processor, although it’s always recommended that you be able to expand your memory to improve the experience.


To start enjoying the functions of CyberLink AudioDirector the first thing we have to do is download the program to proceed with its installation. To do this, it will be as simple as going to the official website of the program developer and searching for the “Downloads” tab.

Once we find it, we will have to look for the download option that best suits the specific features of our device. Remember that this program is not free, although if you have a free initial trial, then you will need to pay some kind of plan to be able to use it regularly.

When we click on the download option that we like the most, we will have to wait for it to finish completely and go to search for the installation file with the extension “exe” in our download directory. During the download it will give us the option to send the default file to that directory, or if instead we want to send it to a different folder where we usually store the newly downloaded files.

When the download completes successfully and we find the installation file, we will have to “double-click” on the icon and wait for the installation to start. Usually, these programs have their own installation process, very simple and intuitive, so that the user only has to read the instructions of each step and wait until it is finished.

After installing, the last thing to do is to search for the program’s shortcut on our desktop, double-click on the icon and start enjoying all the functions of CyberLink AudioDirector.


  • Professional Audio Editing
  • Removing noises for outdoor recordingsreal
  • Time recording and editing of tracksthe ability to record podcasts or voiceovers and edit them on the go
  • Exhalation remover on speech recordings
  • Eliminates distortions caused by clippings between clips
  • Clears the sound and eliminates creaks, clicks or pops
  • Removes any background hum or hissing
  • Record from multiple audio channels at the same time
  • Analyze music and remix logically to fit the length of your video clipIt identifies any artifact from coding losses before producing, to make intelligent processing decisions and create better sound on audio tracks.

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