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DJ Mix Pro is an intuitive application that simplifies the task of audio mixing. It analyzes beats of music and mixes songs on their basis. Its advanced technology ensures that you can easily add songs to the list and modify them through accessible functions.

Software details

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows PC

Software description

DJ Mix Pro is a simple music player that helps you maintain music files. It contains a compact interface where multiple options are present. It is a licensed tool that can be downloaded on Windows PCs. You can also install its free trial for evaluation purpose. It is a suitable tool for beginners in the field of audio mixing. They can carry out desired tasks quickly and easily. It maintains the integrity of processed files and does not affect them in any way.

User Interface:

The software possesses a compact interface that is easy to manage. It contains two windows; one is reserved for database, while the other one is the main screen containing detailed options. Its options are categorized in menu bar while mixing options can be found in side bar. It comes in a traditional grayscale color theme. It helps you add songs by browsing through system memory or using drag and drop function. Its interface is user friendly and contains minimal options.


DJ Mix Pro helps you maintain database of your favorite songs. You can easily add your favorite songs to its database by browsing system memory and choosing the required files. It displays the list of songs along with title, last played time, artist information, beats per minute, genre, length, album, year, track number, source, folder and file name. Through options on the sidebar, you can remove items from database, quickly listen to songs on second sound output, move items up and down, record current order, check songs properties and send the files to playlist.


The playlist screen of the software has a compact interface. It allows you to add music to playlist and export it for later use. You can start beatlocking, configure additional plugins to enhance functionalities, view equalizer and access advanced controls. The song selection menu allows you to pre-listen to songs, play music as jingle, mix multiple tracks, shuffle playlist, find duplicate entries, sort BPM in ascending or descending order, delete entries, load new entries, toggle auto or manual mix and check properties.


DJ Mix Pro enables you to modify software settings. Under Mixing Options, you can specify title, track length, volume, fading or pitching length, BPM, mixing length and mixing profile. Tag info helps you modify file name, title, artist, album, year, track number, genre, comment and length. With Beatlocks info you can view beats info and fix beats.

Other Features:

The application detects beats of songs through Beatlock technology. It enables DJs to mix and play music with convenience. It ensures that your music files retain their original state. It helps you mix as many songs as you want and efficiently performs cross fading and beat matching. It provides quality results with minimum efforts.