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Driver Booster is the solution for updating out of date drivers. It does so by scanning the system to find the obsolete drivers. It then fixes them by updating them instantly.

Software description

Driver booster is a software that helps in updating of drivers for different tools in PC. When drivers are out of date, they can affect the performance of the computer. Also, it may cause errors in the system which affects performance too. This tool finds obsolete drivers in the computer and updates them automatically. When all drivers are up to date, the computer will be safe from many problems. It removes drivers that are out of date after scanning and replaces them with latest versions. This makes it the best tool for keeping the computer system safe and up to date.

If you have drivers that are out of date in your computer, you may face several challenges. There may be system crashes, freezing of the screen and other errors such as sound errors. The internet connection will be unstable and the other hardware devices may stop working smoothly. The games will keep hanging or run slowly. This tool works by scanning and determining the version of drivers in the user’s PC. It then offers the latest version of the drivers for updates.

The user updates drivers with Driver Booster by clicking on the update prompt. The tool will instantly update the driver automatically. It is a program that does not take much space as it is less than 25 megabytes. Also, it is available in more than 30 languages which makes it a universal solution. Anyone can use it without challenges in language as you can choose a preferable one. It is almost unnoticeable since it does not interrupt or affect performance of tasks. It is an easy to use software.

The game mode setting is one terrific feature of Driver Booster. This feature helps in boosting of performance in games by updating the drivers. This ensures that the players have a better gaming experience. Moreover, it can prioritize tasks that are important. Giving of priority helps to boost the performance of the PC. The user does not have to do any work because this tool automatically detects issues with the system. It makes work easier for the users thus a very effective solution. Another useful feature is the one-click functionality. This means that the user can perform many functions with just one single click. It helps people who do not have much time of taking care of their computers.

The volume of database of this tool makes it a very convenient tool for many people. Whichever versions of Driver Booster has a large database of drivers. However, the free version has a larger database than the pro version. This tool has built-in tools that are free which is why it is a free software. If the user wishes to get more features, they can opt for the pro version. They pay an affordable fee to access this version of the program. It is compatible with a wide range of Windows operating systems. The operating system it works best with are Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

The benefits of using Driver Booster include the restoring and backup of drivers. Before updating drivers, you can create a backup for the drivers. When the driver updates cause problems after installing, you can restore the previous version from backup. Despite being the best choice in updating drivers, there are some disadvantages. Driver Booster works when there is internet connection. In addition it lacks compatibility with devices using Linux, Mac and Android operating systems. Automatic updates of drivers is only present in the pro version of this tool. This means that users using free version must update some drivers manually.

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