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Droidkit is a compiled toolkit that offers solution to challenges facing android phones. It can unlock locked phones with ease. In addition it fixes problems like failed charging, app hanging and many more. It also restores data and files from damaged devices or that had been initially deleted. It can unlock locked google accounts too.

Software description

Droidkit is a software that enables android phone users to unlock their phones in case they have forgot patterns, passwords, fingerprints or even face recognition unlock. It also helps to restore lost data and files deleted by mistake, erased or lost in any other way. In addition it can fix some of the problems on the android device. It supports all android version phones regardless of the producer. This means it supports all android phones like Samsung, Tecno, Redmi, Huawei and many more.

The first greatest feature about DroidKit is it’s ability to unlock android phones. In case you’ve forgotten password, pin, pattern of you phone, this software will greatly help you. It unlocks your mobile phone with just a click. It really does not entail a lot of process with a lot of knowledge. The software does almost all the work, yours is just to confirm the process about to take place. Further the more secure security features like fingerprint and face recognition unlock are not left behind. The software can still unlock them with much ease.

In addition, DroidKit has the ability to restore data from previous phone or damaged phone or even data that was initially deleted from the mobile phone. The software carry out a quick scan on your phones storage system. It restores all data ranging from photos, videos, files, messages, call logs and history, apps and many more. This help revive memory of what you had lost. Increasingly you can only select what you want to restore and leave the rest. You carry out selective selection of whatever you want to restore in your device. It restores even WhatsApp chats and video and voice call logs. It can literally restore almost everything from you lost or damaged phone or just deleted data.

Furthermore, droidkit can fix problems and malfunctions in android phones. In case your phone experience technical problems like camera failure, apps hanging and failing to performer efficiently, this software can fix this issue. You just click and the process runs automatically fixing the problem. This software has the ability of quickly scanning through every part of the mobile phone. If it detects any anomalies it notifies the user, and by just clicking, it fixes the error instantly. The software has no side effects to normal functioning of the android phone or alter anything.

Moreover, you can access a locked google account by breaching it’s security. DroidKit removes google FRP lock and therefore you gain access to your account. You can do the whole process alone and the process has a complete encryption of data to avoid it from falling into wrong hands. DroidKit also manages and organize you data. It collects all you unarranged data from your phone which includes all your photos, videos, messages, calls, documents and apps. It arranges them in orderly manner in specific sections. This makes it easier to share, transfer or even export them to other devices.

In addition, droidkit enables you to access your google account and retrieve whatever you wish as long as it was backed up. You really don’t need to worry, by just a click all everything gets back to normal. What’s more amazing is that even the data that had not been backed up can be restored. Files and data from formatted SD disks can be retrieved. This software has a 24 hours help service offered to users who may face any challenge while using. DroidKit has a free version available for download. However it does not offer best features that guarantee high efficiency and performance.

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