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Dukto is provided as freeware, without advertising or any third-party content. This version is suitable for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP 32/64 bits operating systems.

Software description

Dukto is a multi-platform tool that lets you securely transfer text, files and folders between computers in the same local network. This makes Dukto an attractive alternative to cloud storage solutions which may not always provide quick or efficient solutions.

Dukto stands out from similar information transfer applications by eliminating account qualifications, permissions and system quirks as obstacles to creating an easy and stable connection between two PCs. Simply install this micro app onto all of your home or workplace LAN computers to start sharing data quickly without configurations or hassle.

Once Dukto is set up, data transfer is as effortless as dragging-and-dropping it onto the software window. The interface shows your device(s), linked devices and an option to add more computers using aba Buddies (local IP connections).

Text can also be sent by copying and pasting it to the clipboard, or selecting files or folders from the file manager. As all data transfers take place locally, your privacy is assured – no third-party is involved in the process!

Himanshu Arora is a freelance technical writer that specializes in software tutorials, reviews and tips/tricks. His writings have been featured by IBM developer works, ComputerWorld and Linux Journal.

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