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Foxit PDF Editor is a suitable choice for those users who are looking for some handy software that can help them in editing and formatting PDF documents. It is a low resource consuming tool with options for inserting and editing text, images, shapes and objects. You can export whole file or its portion to plain text, HTML, ePub or RTF format and can export only images in JPEG, Tiff, BMP and PNG formats. It includes manuals and guides to help you with using its functions.

Software description

Foxit PDF Editor 2018 is an advanced computer application that provides you with various options for editing PDF documents. You can enter text, images and shapes, format text, split content and can use various image editing operations for improving your PDF files.

  • customize the layout of your files and has a very friendly user interface.
  • useful tool that is equally preferred by new and experienced users.
  • multilingual tool and is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and many other languages.

Foxit Advanced PDF Editor Features:

Foxit PDF Editor provides paragraph editing options that let you insert text without disturbing the layout of file and join textboxes for allowing text to maintain its flow. Furthermore, you can convert text to path, insert and edit images, convert these images into shapes, apply shading on objects, customize page layout and can edit files with .AI extension. A professional look can be given to documents by adding header, footers, stamps and watermarks. You can clone objects, create article threads, export these threads and can produce photo albums in PDF format.

• Open, edit, and save PDF files.
• Protect and Sign – Encrypt, redact, and sign PDFs.
• PDF Editor – Modify text, objects, format, and layout.
• Scan and OCR – Scan to PDF, OCR PDF, and edit scanned PDFs.
• PDF Creator – Create PDF docs, forms, portfolios, and convert PDF to Office.


Foxit PDF Editor contains many tools and options. You can create new PDF files with custom size, open PDF file, export pages or articles, join multiple files, print them, get flight check report for print quality, edit content, add signatures, check spellings, view bookmarks and comments, align and stylize text, arrange or transform objects, apply security on document by applying passwords and can use lots of tools such as crop tool, hand tool, text tool, pipette tool, etc. You can adjust page size and can move directly to any page. It also displays whether NUM Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock are turned on or off.


Foxit PDF Editor is available in different versions for personal and business uses. The price of its Standard edition is $89.00 USD where as its Business suite costs $129.00 USD. You can also download and use its free trial version with limit of 30 days. The trial version of the software adds bookmarks in the documents. These watermarks can be removed any time after you have purchased its license.

System Requirements:

This tool is compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system only and the supported versions include: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 OS in both 32 bit and 64 bit processors. Make sure that you are installing it on those systems that possess 1 GHZ or faster CPU, at least 512 MB RAM and more than 60 MB of free hard disk capacity.

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