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Foxit PDF Editor is a suitable choice for those users who are looking for some handy software that can help them in editing and formatting PDF documents. It is a low resource consuming tool with options for inserting and editing text, images, shapes and objects. You can export whole file or its portion to plain text, HTML, ePub or RTF format and can export only images in JPEG, Tiff, BMP and PNG formats. It includes manuals and guides to help you with using its functions.

Software description

Foxit advanced pdf editor is a software used to create, edit, fill, and sign a document through integrated PDF editing and e sign offerings from anywhere on any device.

It achieves its purpose through a variety of features available. Foxit advanced pdf editor has partnered with AI on several ends to enhance user experience to the best possible. Here, it puts security of data at the very front. It offers secure AI conversation. Smart redact feature ensures pdf are void of any personal and proprietary data. This guarantees that only sanitized content interacts with hat GPT. The software guarantees safety. In addition, it integrates chat GPT plugin core. This makes editing and restructuring easier.

Foxit Advanced PDF Editor has a cross platform AI assistant capability. It is available across Windows, Mac, and cloud platforms. As a result, it is easy to access all document operations. These include document summarization, rewriting, translation, and language correction. All these inevitably lead to optimal productivity. Furthermore, it has the licensing control upgrade. It gives you precise control Ove r individual cloud space.

It allows you to tailor the available features according to your specific business needs. You can convert your regular pdf to a connected one, create and manage multiple versions of a document and track the document. It tracks every time the document opens and changes made thus ensuring the security thereof.

Foxit advanced pdf editor makes it easy to edit allows linking of text boxes to aid reflow of text. Besides, it shows all imputed text in different colors for easier tracking. It also joins multiple pdfs into one when need arises. It allows manipulation of text layers separately for easier formatting. In the case of photographs, you can drag and drop hundreds of them to produce a pdf album. With spelling, it has a built-in spell checker which allows you to easily proofread your document.

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