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Handy Backup is an effective Windows solution that helps you avoid data loss by taking backup of important files. The product was launched by Novosoft and can be downloaded in seven different languages. It is suitable for those who often store important documents in their PC. It helps you deal with those situations where files are deleted by mistake and cannot be restored in a simple way. With the help of this useful tool, you can easily create backup of data files and folders at another location in system memory and can restore the data from backup whenever needed.

Software description

With Handy Backup, you can create backup of directories, folders and files. All you need to do is to start a new task for backup and select the item. You can apply filters that will enable you to include or exclude particular files from selected folder. In the next window you will be asked to choose the destination where backup will be stored. You can create Full, Incremental, Differential or Mixed backup as per requirement. If you wish to store versioned backups then select a few settings about saving previous versions. Backup can be compressed, encrypted, scheduled and launched by USB for enhanced efficiency.

Data Restore:
The second most significant task of Handy Backup is retrieval of deleted data from its backup. Restore function can be carried out by browsing through system memory and finding the location of backup file which is stored with .hbi extension. Then you can choose whether you want to restore files fully or just incrementally. Comparison settings can be modified to save time by leaving out unnecessary details, whereas Error handling lets you deal with sudden errors. It can be scheduled at regular time intervals if you are working on such files that are stored and retrieved every now and then.

Sync operation is applicable when different versions of same document are stored at multiple locations. For instance, members of a team in office environment are usually assigned copies of same file. They work on these files individually and then sync the files to ensure everyone has its updated version. This software can be helpful in similar situations as it can efficiently compare different versions of a file based on its size, creation time and modification time and updates the files with latest versions.

Types of Backup:
Handy Backup offers creation of four types of backups. Full backup can be created by copying all data at a time. Incremental backup checks the previous copy of backup and updates only that data which was modified after the previous backup. Differential backup takes full backup as first step, but then only adds that data which was added after last full backup.

Handy Backup lets you take backup of important data on FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2, Ext3 and many other file systems. It is a commercial proprietary tool with a paid license. Its GUI makes it easier for beginners to create backup of files or folders and restore them quickly to keep data safe and secure.

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