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O&O AutoBackup is a tool designed to help you manage backups, on your Windows PC. It offers automated file protection.

Software description

O&O AutoBackup ensures that any changes made to your files and folders has immediately copied in time to a separate storage location. This guarantees that your files had always safeguarded and restored from the location. You have the flexibility to choose which folders or file types to include or exclude in the backup. Additionally, you can customize scope, schedules, notifications and retention rules according to your preferences. Finally, O&O AutoBackup provides a data protection solution that allows busy users to set it up and forget about it.

Automatic Backup

The main advantage of O&O AutoBackup lies in its ability to automatically back up files without requiring attention. Users can choose which files and folders they want to protect. And any modifications made such as edits, additions or deletions has immediately replicated in a location. There’s no need for manual intervention. Additionally, users have the option to customize settings, like scope, scheduling, retention policies and notifications. By utilizing time auto mirroring technology, O&O AutoBackup ensures that backups remain current without the user process.

Real-Time Syncing

O&O AutoBackup provides a continuous backup experience, by file changes in real time. Unlike backups that only capture specific moments this software instantly updates the backup location. The syncing process occurs smoothly in the background without impacting performance. This active synchronization ensures that no data had lost between jobs. With O&O AutoBackups, immediate replication of file changes and any potential gaps in backups will effectively eliminate.

Destination Selection

O&O AutoBackup offers options, for destinations giving users flexibility. You can choose to save your backups which’s convenient and fast by using an external drive. Alternatively, you can use cloud storage services, like Google Drive or Dropbox for protection. If you prefer a combination of both the software supports approaches that combine cloud backups. Additionally, you have the option to use servers, NAS devices or mapped network drives as destinations. With customizable destinations, available users can implement strategies that meet their needs in terms of protection, retention and accessibility.


O&O AutoBackup provides the ability to save versions of files. It gives you options for restoring. of copying the current files and keeps older versions in the backup location. This means you can go back, to versions if you accidentally made changes you didn’t intend to. The number of revisions saved per file can adjust according to your preferences. While storing versions requires storage space and it offers better protection. In summary, versioning allows you to restore files from points in time not the most recent ones.

Restore Options

When it comes to restoring from a backup O&O AutoBackup offers options. You have the choice to restore folder structures or individual files. If you have versioned backups, you can select the file version you want to restore from any point, in time. You also have the freedom to choose whether the restores should go back, to their location or a different one. Additionally, if you accidentally delete any files they can easily recovered from the backup.

Flexible Scheduling

O&O AutoBackup provides the flexibility to customize routines based on usage patterns and available resources. Although real time protection is always active you can also set up scheduled backups according to your preferences. The backup schemes offered include incremental backups, which strike a balance, between ensuring data completeness and minimizing storage requirements. Additionally, you have the option to designate times when backups won’t interrupt your tasks. The software also allows for pausing backups setting limits and ignoring files to give you control over resource usage. With its scheduling options, O&O AutoBackup provides environments and workloads while providing continuous data protection.

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