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Hard Disk Sentinel is a simple and easy to utilize software with features reloaded. It helps in monitoring the performance of a computer’s hard disk drive and solid state disk drives. The design of the program reinforces many operating systems. 

Software description

Hard Disk Sentinel refers to a software that has several features, it is a simple, and reliable tool for hard disk management. This program is free, and can help you to monitor, as well as improve the performance of a Windows PC’s SSD, and Hard Disk Drive. The program is designed to work effectively on many kinds of operating systems. Hence, you do not have to download, install, or subscribe to other tools to solve a wide range of problems with your hard disk.

With Hard Disk Sentinel, it is not necessary to have separate tools for you to confirm the internal and external hard disks, Solid State Disks, hybrid disk drives, disks in RAID arrays, and Network storage devices. This is because they are all in one software. Besides, the software professional version has the ability to sense and show status, as well as SMART details about the LTO tape drives, micro SD cards, and eMMC devices. In addition, it oversees the hard disk drive or status such as temperature, and SMART values for all kinds of disks. Also, another task is measuring the speed of the hard disk while transferring data in real time which can help in detecting potential hard disks breakdowns, and performance reduction.

For perfect data security, Hard Disk Sentinel functions effectively to curb the hard disk failure, as well as SSD data loss because of the availability of very sensitive disk health ranking systems which is very fast in detecting disk issues. The program can detect even a very small problem, it cannot miss it. Additionally, the Pro version has a plan, and automatic disk restore option to eliminate data loss because of failure, malware or accidental deletion of the data.

In addition, Hard Disk Sentinel can function in the background, and to confirm the health condition of the hard disk, it achieves this by checking the SMART status too. In the event a program discovers an error, or finds that there is a particular behaviour that it did not expect, it warns you over the present situation, as well as performing the necessary actions, for example, initiating an automatic back up. The health state of the hard disks may slow decline on a daily basis. However, the SMART observation technology has the potential of predicting hard disk drive breakdown by ascertaining the important values in the disk drive.

Furthermore, Hard Disk Sentinel is highly sensitive to disk ineffectiveness, and can show better, and insightful information about the hard disk life, and the issues available. This is the most complex way of predicting breakdowns as compared to the traditional way which verifies the SMART attribute approaches and values only.

The software contains a number of tabs that perform different functions. They include log tab which shows the deterioration of data, as well as absence of feedback if the Hard Disk Sentinel inquires if something is wrong about the disk drive. There is also a Disk Performance tab; this displays the quantity of data transferred in the current session and from the time of the installation of the software. The information about the daily average write, and read about data is shown.

There are two different ways, or tests of testing the drive. The first one is hardware self test; in this test, there is a random seek time treat, an exceptional test which tests the capabilities of the drive, but not the surface. The second test is software testing. Among the two tests, hardware test is more effective than Hard Disk Sentinel methods since they can determine the disk system and its elements in a remarkable manner that is not possible by software methods.

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