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IcoFX is an application that assists graphic designers in designing icons, images and cursors. It is a licensed tool that can be used for free during trial period without any registration. Its various tools help in editing existing icons and managing them for different platforms. It was released in 2015 for Windows operating system and is written in Delphi programing language. Its developer is Attila Kovrig who has integrated features of his another application, AniFX, in this software. It is an efficient application that can be used easily by both professionals and novice users, owing to its simple interface.









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Software description

Editing icons and cursors should be a fun and comfortable experience. If you use Photoshop, you might be intimidated by the complexity of features and buttons inside it. If you want something more straightforward and easy to use, then you should take a look at IcoFX. It is an application dedicated to simple reasons: edit cursors and icons.

Create high-quality icons and cursor replacement for Windows. IcoFX is available for both macOS and Windows so that you can make use of its great power. It supports flexibility in workflows and extensions. Make IcoFX yours today!

Key features of IcoFX

  • Create icons
  • Edit cursors
  • Convert images to icons
  • Extract icons from computer files
  • Full-fledge image editor
  • Start with premade objects.
  • Batch process icons and files
  • Edit with the built-in resource editor

Major functionalities of IcoFX

Create icons

Creating icons from your computer is more comfortable with IcoFX. You can easily create and export up to 1024×1024 resolution. That’s large enough for an icon size limitation. Indeed, it has all the features that you will need for an icon editor. Also, you can convert icon files from macOS to Windows interchangeably. Also, you can create a favicon for a website.

Edit cursors

If you’re using a Windows laptop, you can create cursor replacement images. Devise the style that you want using IcoFX.

Convert images to icons

If you like an image, you can convert it into an icon. The resolution and quality can remain the same or enhanced with intelligent processing. It supports most image formats, so you’ll have more options. In detail, it supports the following image formats:

  • BMP
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • JPG2000
  • PNG
  • SVG
  • TIF

Extract icons from computer files

If you want to use the built-icons from your computer’s operating system, you can do so with IcoFX. Convert low-quality icons into high-quality ones. It supports files from most operating systems such as macOS as well as older versions of Windows.

Full-fledge image editor

IcoFX has a full-fledged image editor. You can edit images like when you’re using similar applications. It can also work with vectors or other illustration formats to give you more controls and capabilities when creating icons.

Start with premade objects.

You can start from scratch or use the premade objects from the app. It has all the shapes and elements that will help you get started with creating icons. If you’re a professional or an absolute beginner, you’ll surely appreciate the premade objects and features it includes out of the box.

Batch process icons and files

After editing multiple files and images, you can export them individually or process them in a batch. You can apply configurations or export them in one click. It gives you more freedom when you’re editing many icons, and you only need to export once you’re done creating. Don’t let your creative flow get interrupted; batch process files quickly.

Edit with the built-in resource editor

You can access the built-in icon libraries of your computer. It also has different resources, so you can quickly add elements to your creation. It is applicable for both cursor and icon creations.

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