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MAGIX Music Maker is a professional music editing tool that is recommended for music producers and individual artists. With its useful options, they can quickly record songs, mix music with sounds of more instruments, include videos and can export finalized songs as MP3, WAV, AIFF, WMA, AVI and WMV files.

Software description

MAGIX Music Maker editor is the ultimate music creation and editing tool for your computer. If you want to compose an original beat or make a soundtrack, it is ideal for you. It offers several beats and samples so that you can get started right away. Also, you can connect and use your musical instruments so your music will be even more authentic.

MAGIX Music Maker has thousands of loops, samples, and beats for every genre. No matter what song you’re creating, MAGIX will suit your needs. What are you waiting for? Download MAGIX Music Maker and experience excellent music production now.

MAGIX Music Maker Premium – Highlight Features

  • Versatile beats studio
  • Built-in effects
  • Supports musical instruments and peripherals
  • Audio recording
  • A massive collection of plugins

Major features and functionalities

Versatile beats studio

MAGIX Music Maker allows you to build your collection of beats. You can choose from thousands of downloadable beats or import your own. Its library of beats is diversified into different genres, so there’s always something for every music you create.

You can mix, loop, and do whatever you want with beats on its studio. It allows for experimentation and other sound techniques that sparks creativity. There’s no need to be formal, do whatever you want with it. Rests assured, MAGIX is versatile and powerful enough to fulfill every user’s needs.

Built-in effects

It has so many built-in effects that you can sample on your tracks. There are effects available for different genres, such as echo, siren, background voices, and many more. Spice up your tracks with beautiful effects and make listeners nod their heads with the beat.

MAGIX has preloaded different “eFX” essentials: compressor, gate, limiter, reverb, tremolo pan, and tube stage. You will indeed never run out of options in terms of making your songs stand out.

Supports musical instruments and peripherals

Connect different musical instruments and incorporate them into your music production workflow. You can connect MIDI devices, keyboards, microphones, guitars, synths, and many more. MAGIX integrates sound captured from these instruments to be used efficiently with your beats and tracks. It also exports your music in the highest definition possible, so quality will not be compromised even if it’s originally from external and physical instruments.

Audio recording

Unlike other music creation tools in the market, MAGIX Music Maker features a built-in audio recorder. You can capture vocals or even instrument sounds. Sounds can be embedded and editable via the editing suite. It supports mic input so voices will be clear and loud for your tracks. What more do you need for a music production tool? Download it now!

A massive collection of plugins

Take your music production game to the next level by using plugins and extensions for MAGIX. These external plugins extend the software’s capabilities and add more features. For instance, you can download a plugin called Orange Vocoder. It features 32 synths and multiple vocoder standards and algorithms. In using it, you can achieve cool sounding songs.

Other examples are “Ammunition” and “coreFX volume former.” Ammunition streamlines your audio production workflow. CoreFX, on the other hand, allows for better volume in rhythm across your songs. Your creativity only limits you. Download and get started with MAGIX Music Maker today!


The MAGIX Music Maker is on sale for only $79.99. The original retail price is $129. Grab it now and start producing your music.

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