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The purpose of MAGIX Photo Manager is to help users organize their digital photos. Other than just viewing the photos through folder, the software helps people to mark them as favorites by making a bunch of “thumbnails” or similar versions like calendar view, which is absolutely fantastic because they help them to remember the events and the date or to view a number of photos at a glance.









Software description

The photos and videos we take are essential. These files captured most of the happy memories and events. With this in mind, it is necessary to take care of them. Taking care of photos means editing them to look good, saving to the best format, backing them up, and many other tasks.

Typically, we do all the tasks above using a software application. There are so many tools available on the market that promises to take care of your images for you. Your computer and mobile devices even have a built-in photo editor. Indeed, it’s an important feature to have. If you’re looking for a great photo editor and manager, take a look at MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe.

MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe is an all-around photo manipulation and management solution. Make your most treasured moments look the best and protect them from being lost. Use MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe today!

Features at a glance

  • Manage photo library
  • Improve panorama photos quality
  • Import to the cloud
  • Support a variety of formats
  • Smart photo selection
  • Travel route visualization
  • Create slideshow
  • Encryption
  • Backup and photos

An in-depth look at MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe

Manage photo library

Manage your photo library with ease using MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe. The display and view can scale with your collection of photos. You can easily search and manage them without having to scroll through a messy list of pictures. MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe made is so that it is still easy to handle even a vast collection of images.

Improve panorama photos quality

Most panoramic images we captured aren’t as high quality as the regular ones. Since panorama is stitching photos to look like a single continuous one, the output will be more inferior compared to simple images. You can solve this issue with MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe. It can beautify and enhance the overall appearance of your panoramas.

Import to the cloud

Connect your cloud storage accounts with MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe. By doing so, you can have a unified view of all your images regardless if they’re on your computer locally or stored in the cloud. You can also perform copying, editing, and moving between platforms and devices. Therefore, it is easier to manage images with MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe.

Support a variety of formats

MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe supports almost all types of image formats. Also, you can view and edit raw photos from cameras and other devices.

Smart photo selection

If you have many duplicate photos, MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe can intelligently detect and decide which photos look better than others. It can delete all similar files and keep the best version to save storage and make your life easier by not needing to choose between them.

Travel route visualization

Visualize the places you had traveled with MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe. It analyzes the location information from your photos EXIF data. It then maps outlines with other illustrations to show routes and connections of the places you had traveled.

Create slideshow

Easily create a slideshow manually or by using templates. Choose from the built-in songs or import from your computer library.


You can encrypt files so only you can view those precious moments or sensitive photos. Protect your privacy with MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe.

Backup and photos

You can backup and restore photos to different devices and applications.

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