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Microsoft Lens is a document scanner software. It converts all forms of documents whether in hardcopy by hand or soft copy. This enhances easy storage, and sharing of the documents. The software also converts the documents to audio formats enabling individuals sight problems to know the contents of the document.

Software description

Microsoft Lens is a document digitalization software that scans hardcopy documents to soft copy. It heavily relies on camera to convert the image to a form you wish it to be in. It can convert it to either pdf, other formats you prefer. The platform provides a more efficient way of managing piles of documents. It offers security of documents since they are safe when they are in soft copy. In companies, physical storage of documents might take up a lot of space therefore this method is a remedy to that.

To begin with, the software has modern scanning features. For instance, it has optical recognition whereby it is able to detect any letter you scan. Microsoft Lens can scan all the documents that a user handwrites. The software will convert these characters to a word document that you can easily edit. No one can recognize that it was initially handwritten.

Students can use Microsoft Lens to scan handouts in class, and save them on OneDrive, Cloud, or any external storage device. This will help you to review easily whenever you want to make any references. You can also scan official documents and move along with them in a soft copy form. You can save them on a portable USB driver, or other devices. This is a safer way of travelling with confidential documents.

Additionally, Microsoft Lens can upload receipts in businesses. It has an optical character recognition which is capable of recognizing multiple languages. This makes it applicable globally because it can scan documents that are in different languages and provide a digital soft copy. This is occurs without distorting any information or character. Microsoft Lens has automatic perfection, reducing the need for manual adjustments. It produces a clean digital copy despite the fact that the hardcopy might not be that clean.

Furthermore, Microsoft Lens is in collaboration with Microsoft 365. The collaboration ensures seamless transition of documents, and also enhance quick sharing. The documents remains accessible on OneDrive, thus guaranteeing the files’ safety. You can further access the documents by logging into your google account. The documents are safe here in the Microsoft 365. Microsoft Lens has security set up that ensures safety of your documents.

You have to set passcodes a way of enforcing security. Therefore, to access the documents you have key in the password. This means that no one can access them without your permission. Furthermore, its integration with teams makes document sharing during meetings easier. Every participant can upload, and share any document they may wish to share.

Moreover, Microsoft Lens is available, and accessible to all people including people with disabilities. For instance, individuals with sight problems are the ones who greatly benefit from this scheme. Thanks to optical character recognition, this device scans documents, and then convert them to audio format.

Thus, the low sight, or legally blind individuals can get to know the contents of the document through audio. Other people might still use this feature. Especially those individuals who prefer being learning through audio than reading themselves.

Lastly, Microsoft Lens enables you to type, and add contents on documents. Once you scan a document, you can use Microsoft 365; open Word, and edit whatever you want to. With Microsoft Lens, you can fully use your phone and achieve maximum capabilities of your device.

It reduces paper work in companies, and even in homes. All documents you upload they remain virtually accessible. In case of infernos, and other calamities that may end up destroying the hard copy documents, you need not to worry because the copies are safe on either OneDrive, or any external storage devices.

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