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Microsoft Math Solver is an AI-driven educational tool that helps students and educators solve math problems making learning fun and easier. The app is intuitive and fast in offering solutions.

Software description

Microsoft Math Solver is an application from Microsoft. This app helps users in solving mathematical problems including topics in algebra, arithmetic, calculus, trigonometry, and statistics. The features in this application are all free, and math learners of all ages, and abilities can use it.

Microsoft Math Solver works by the user writing the math problem on the screen or taking a photo of the problem. The application will recognize the problem then solve it with a step-by-step explanation. It also offers interactive graphs and similar problems from the internet and online videos.

The interface of Microsoft Math Solver has features that let you find solutions by camera, another is entering the problem manually, and the other lets the user add more complex equations. All the options will lead to the solution within seconds as long as the user writes all numbers clearly.

Microsoft Math Solver is a good platform for learners who have a wider knowledge of the algebraic language and have good motivation in getting a mathematical solution. It also offers multiple learning methods apart from the solution such as interactive graphs, worksheets, videos, and quizzes. Learners who have good motivation to learn can utilize these resources and get a better understanding of the topic and problem that may be troubling them.

Microsoft Math Solver is a free application and is available for devices with iOS and Android operating systems, and through the web. Some of the best features of Microsoft Math Solver include step-by-step explanations through animations. In addition, the application has a graphing calculator and math solver.

Besides, it supports math, science, and computer science problems. Some of the advantages of using Microsoft Math Solver include impressive AI-driven solving abilities. It also makes it easier for users to understand complex problems through the built-in calculator.

Microsoft Math Solver provides support in 22 languages with 12 being Indian languages and other international languages such as French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, and more. This wide language support is to help anyone despite the language to understand math concepts. Despite the advantages it offers, it also has some challenges. For instance, the missing feature of not scanning word problems as it scans equations only.

Also, the feature that generates quizzes from solutions might have a challenge working or does not work at all. The application lacks hints that should challenge a learner to work towards a solution since the app scans the equation and gives a step-by-step explanation. Also, Microsoft Math Solver may not be able to solve complex equations and it must require a Microsoft account.

For the Mac and PC devices, the users can download the application for desktop from the Web Catalogue. Downloading the application on a desktop ensures the user can run apps in distraction-free windows, and the user can manage and switch between accounts quickly.

Users can access Microsoft Math Solver on any Windows computer by downloading and installing a Microsoft Edge browser. This makes it easier for learners to get access to extensive mathematics tools without having to manage a large independent application. The users of the Edge browser can scan the desktop page for equations and get instant answers.

In addition, Microsoft Math Solver allows users to upload images from photo album to the application, and search for the answers. They therefore, get similar questions, as well as scanning plots in the form x-y data tables. Microsoft Math Solver is very good because it helps bring home teachable moments to students so that they can practice and study independently.

It creates a space for students to have a place to land while tackling these mathematics topics. However, some of the results found may not match the skills well and may harm the students’ knowledge.

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