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Microsoft Whiteboard is a tool that gives users a freeform canvas to collaborate, create, and give ideas in a central area. This app is good for better productivity of teamwork because it has the best collaboration platform.

Software description

Microsoft Whiteboard is a tool that Microsoft users utilize when collaborating with other users to share ideas quickly. The application allows the team to draw and write as if an ink is in use. When there is a meeting, a member will create a board, copy the link to it, and send it to all members attending the meeting whether it is in person or virtually.

After all the members join the board, they can draw, write, or add sticky notes freely in real-time as everyone is watching. These boards do not have boundaries as the way physical ones are which allows users to scroll in any direction, they desire to create more room. People with desktop devices can use Microsoft Whiteboard well although its design is for use of stylus. It collaborates well with other Microsoft tools for the productivity of the team such as Microsoft Teams.

When using Microsoft Whiteboard, you do not need to use the keyboard as it has an interface for touch-first and pen-first. Therefore, the user can draw any shapes they want including irregular ones and the intelligent-inking technology will transform the doodles into nice shapes, lines, and tables. It can also make great art by sketching the form of the art and it will transform it into a great-looking object.

The Microsoft Whiteboard brings the whole team together despite where they are as long as they have access to the canvas. All the users can collaborate and participate at the same time and they can even write the same area where the ideas are put. For better teamwork, members can leave comments and suggestions on the canvas which makes it easier to review what the members need. It is also perfect for writing processes and brainstorming presentations which the app automatically saves to the Microsoft cloud.

Microsoft Whiteboard is a great application and has several benefits when using it. First, the app does not have a limit on the number of people who can collaborate on a canvas. Also, there is an infinite canvas for the user to put down any ideas that they may have for the business. The real-time collaboration of the team members makes it convenient for them to communicate during the meeting without having to be in the same room.

With Microsoft Whiteboard, the user does not have the fear of losing the meeting information. This is because it automatically saves all the details the team discusses and writes in the Microsoft cloud. This makes it easier for the user to continue from where they may stop. However, there are challenges that come along with using this tool such as limiting the use of the app to only teams with Microsoft accounts. It does not take too much storage in the user’s computer.

Furthermore, the application limits the number of markers with colors to only three colors at once which makes it difficult for those who love a lot of colors. The time it takes for the in to appear on the whiteboard is sometimes slow and may force the user to re-write data again.

In addition, Microsoft Whiteboard does not have an option to delete or erase a small part of something and erasing deletes the whole object. For commercial customers, Microsoft Whiteboard supports collaboration within Office 365 and for those who need personal accounts, they need a Microsoft account only. It is available generally as an application for devices with Windows 10. However, the app is not available on iOS devices but will be coming soon for commercial purposes on the web.

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