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Mixcraft is a user digital audio workstation designed for creating and recording music. It offers an interface that supports audio, MIDI, virtual instruments, editing, effects and mixing.









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Software description

Mixcraft can easily arrange tracks by dragging and dropping loops while its music-scoring tools help transcribe melodies. With studio-grade effects, like compression and reverb, you can give your mixes a touch. Additionally, Mixcraft seamlessly integrates over 7,500 loops, samples and sound effects. It also supports VST plugins and virtual synthesizers for added versatility. You can use Mixcraft to master your songs in MP3 format or burn them onto CDs. Furthermore, it allows you to publish your music on platforms, like YouTube. It offers an accessible audio workstation. It provides comprehensive tools from start to finish in creating original tracks Mixcraft is an excellent choice.

Multi-Track Recording

Mixcraft provides the capability to record tracks allowing you to create arrangements. It gives you the freedom to capture performances using microphones, instruments or MIDI on tracks. You can record in time or input mode with a metronome. Each track contains clips that can combine seamlessly. You have control, over volume, pan and effects for each track. The mixer helps you balance the levels of your tracks. Dynamic routing allows you to route tracks through chains. With layers, you can manage retakes without erasing recordings. Mixcrafts versatile multi-track recording feature allows you to build songs step, by step achieving the arrangement and sound you desire.

Audio Editing

Mixcraft offers a range of tools, for editing audio. You can easily cut, copy, paste, delete and fade in/out clips and tracks. If you need to correct any notes or pitches. the autotune effect is popular. The split and consolidate functions allow you to divide or combine clips without losing any quality. When it comes to comping tracks with takes, Mixcraft provides options to achieve the desired result.

Furthermore, you have access to EQ (equalization) compression, limiting tools to enhance your sound during the processing stage. To delve deeper into waveform details there’s an analyzer as well. If you want to add some flair to your tracks Mixcraft offers effects, like chorus, distortion and delay that can truly elevate your sound. With its editing feature, Mixcraft empowers you to tune your audio clips and performances until they reach perfection.

Loop Library

Mixcraft offers a collection of loops to make music production a breeze. With, over 7,500 loops samples and sound effects spanning a range of styles you’ll find everything you need. Users can simply drag the loops onto their tracks and customize them by chopping or editing as needed. You can even apply effects to sounds for added creativity. The library will organize into categories for browsing and searching for inspiration. Use made loops to create unique arrangements or expand your possibilities by importing additional libraries. With high-quality loops, you can focus on perfecting the arrangement and sound design of your tracks as a producer.

Video Editing

Mixcraft makes it simple to sync music with videos for creating soundtracks. The video timeline allows you to edit clips trim them and use tools. Once aligned the audio and video stay perfectly synchronized. You can easily scrub through the media while scrolling. The clip stretching feature automatically adjusts the music to match the visuals. Additionally, you can overlay titles and effects, on your videos. The mixer lets you set track levels ensuring an audio experience.

When exporting your videos Mixcraft seamlessly integrates the completed scores with the visuals. You can publish your creations on platforms like YouTube and social media in 4K resolution. With its audio-to-video merging capabilities, Mixcraft empowers users to create soundtracks for purposes. Such as YouTube covers, home movies, video blogs, and more. Moreover, Mixcraft provides video editing tools that allow users to enhance their visuals with composed music.

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