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Movavi Video Editor is among the most powerful yet easy-to-use video processing software for Windows. If you are a fan of making home videos or YouTube compilations, this is the app for you.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Movavi Video Editor is an intuitive video editing software that incorporates numerous functionalities that will enable you to edit videos seamlessly. The software is designed for both armatures and professionals who love making statements using videos. You can use Movavi Video Editor to create heartwarming travel clips, birthday films, and wedding videos that will capture your viewers’ attention. The best feature of Movavi is its simplicity. You can use simple tools found within the editor to make changes, cut clips, and adjust visual qualities in a process that takes less than 20 minutes to master.

Features of Movavi Video editor

  • Basic video editing tools
  • Automatic video creation
  • Maximum number of tracks on a Timeline
  • Ready-to-use intros and outros
  • Sample video clips
  • Built-in music
  • Stickers, filters, video overlay effects, and animation.
  • Faster processing of large HD videos and full 4K HD videos
  • Highlight & Conceal tools

Feature highlights

Movavi Video Editor has a one-step installation process that is easy to follow through even if you are a beginner. After installing the software, you will receive a user guide that will inform you of the necessary steps to get started. Getting started is relatively easy. Once you upload the media that you want to edit, you will have access to numerous editing tools right above the timeline that you can use for the best outcomes.

Movavi Video Editor comes with a range of spectacular effects like video transitions, stickers, filters, and other effects. Applying effects onto clips is as easy as dragging and dropping. The software will show you all the effects that you have used, which makes it easy to delete any undesired results. The software also has a set of titles, animations, and video overlays that you can use to improve your videos.

Movavi Video Editor features additional editing tools that will make your video more sophisticated. You can use various tools to adjust color schemes, to stabilize images, and to add commentary. The software also has audio editing tools, which include an equalizer, beat detection tools, noise cancellation, and normalization tools. These features are essential if you want to enrich your videos with various audio functions.

Movavi Video Editor is very light. This enables it to process high-quality HD and 4K videos fast. You can export your completed projects directly to YouTube, which will save you a lot of time if you are a YouTube fan. Its features, coupled up with its ease of use and user-friendly interface, makes it the best software solution for fun and straightforward video editing.


Movavi Video Editor is an essential tool that provides a delicate balance of editing features and a simple interface. It is essential for individuals who want to create casual and fun videos. Even though Movavi Video Editor is not cut for highly sophisticated professional video editing, it has all the features that will help you to create a fantastic video. It is the ultimate choice if you want to create simple but good looking videos that you can share online or with your family and friends. The company is tirelessly working to develop more features that will improve its usability.

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