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Music Label is a software that helps us to manage and organize your audio file collection. The program is configured in such a way that it allows the user to store an infinite number of music files within the database. Each saved document can be exhibited with other information such as title, original title, plot, genre, director, cast, etc.










Software description

All music lover prefers to store their music collection in an organized way. As they love music, it is apparent that they would like to take care of them. If you’re into organizing music, chances are, your music library is stored in a way that’s easily retrieval and playable.

Music Label is a powerful yet playful tool for managing your song collection. It is an all-in-one program for all music lovers to modify tags, insert or remove album arts, and do more. Download and make Music Label yours today!

Music Label – Key features

  • Modify song information
  • Scan songs from discs
  • Tracks statistics
  • User-generated details

Music Label – Major functionalities and what to expect

Modify song information

In using Music Label, you can modify and view information of songs and tracks. First, it allows you to view the ID3 tags of your discs. Make decisions and correct issues on details. Search the web for the most accurate information about a track. Go back to the program and fill in the necessary information. Modify the labels of a song easily by changing the words and other data. Moreover, you can remove or replace the album art by selecting an image from your computer’s directory.

It is effortless to correct the tags of your songs. Rest assured, all music from your library will have accurate details and high-quality album covers. Isn’t it great to make your pieces look great? Download and start using Music Label today!

Scan songs from discs

If you have many discs lying around, you can use those with the help of Music Label. A long time ago, discs were the rage; however, today, all songs are enjoyed by either streaming or digital formats. If you want to enjoy the content from your good old discs, utilize Music Label’s prowess.

It accepts and supports various discs such as the most standard CDs, DVDs, VCDs, and many more. Music Label scans these discs and extracts their content accordingly. After extraction, you can immediately listen to them. If you don’t plan on extraction, you can listen to the discs directly using the app and its dedicated media player. After exporting a disc’s content, the songs will be high-quality and will not lose that much quality to the point that the original sound and feel will be forfeited or changed.

Tracks statistics

It can display track statistics and other relevant data. Music Label will keep track of everything from data about tracks modification to your listening frequency.

Keep track of the latest and oldest tracks or albums added to your library. You’ll be amused to find out which is in terms of your entire library of great songs.

Also, it will analyze and display statistics regarding your listening habits. It shows your most-listened-to tracks, albums, and artists. It shows the names of the three items as well as some numbers indicating their frequency. Things will be ranked and often used to recommend you something to listen to every time you launch the program.

User-generated details

Not only that it allows you to add information on tags and album covers, but it also allows you to input personal data. It will enable you to star favorite tracks for quick access, leave a comment, condition the disk’s physical appearance, and many more.

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