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Notion is a free productivity, and note-taking web application from Notion Labs Inc. It provides organizational tools to manage tasks, create to-do lists, track projects, and bookmarking. It is a useful tool to both individuals and businesses.







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Notion refers to a single space where users can think, plan, and write. Also, they can capture thoughts, preside over projects, or even running the entire company; and do it exactly how they want. Also, the software is a complex, as well as all-in-one tool that users can utilize it for different purposes.

Some users call it a note-taking, and idea organizing site; however it is more than just that. The website helps in taking notes, tracking progress, creating a mood art for art, and organizing project details.

Notion is suitable to businesses of all levels across industries. Any team or company that needs a collaborative, as well as a workplace that they can personalize with amazing integrated tools for documentation, and project management. Some of the customers include Mixpanel, Figma, Match Group, Codecademy, senbird, and several others.

There are several areas where notion is applicable. One of the areas is your work, the software can make a significant change. You can catalogue the work you want to accomplish, and fit effectively into the organizational specifics. The tool is very efficient when it comes to such kind of jobs.

As a result, you can use it to keep an eye on the track of things you carry out in your work life. There are five ways where Notion is useful for work: tracking goals, creating design systems, automating using API, tracking, and managing content, and managing complex projects.

School is another area where Notion can positively help. Every student needs a tool that can help them organize their work in school. To be a successful student, you need to organize your lessons, plot your project deadlines, and manage routine tasks perfectly.

You can use notion effectively if you are still studying in the following ways; note down insightful points, to-dos, and reminders. Also, you use it to monitor progress on significant school projects, and reports. Manage all your class schedules on either daily, weekly or monthly basis. Moreover, you can use it to design a directory of related notes, lessons, as well as URLs.

Furthermore, Notion is also helpful in organizing your life. This program does not only help get grasp of your school timetable, but also acquire more clarity. And understanding of your life achievements, as well as purpose. It has powerful building blocks which you can use for almost all your life aspects.

There are some instances where you can use this tool in your day to day activities. That is, periodic journaling for good mindfulness, managing projects in your household, creating a to-do list for impromptu ideas. You also use it to monitor individual as well as family expenses.

To use Notion, you have to first create an account. You can do this by visiting Notion’s website, and create an account. On the other hand, you can sign up with Google account that use on your device. Next, you to download the apps. Although, you can operate notion through a web page, but it is more convenient to download the applications on your device.

After that, you have to install the web clipper. This is an add-on that is very important in ensuring that you can keep the content you want from the internet to your software’s pages. Once you have everything put up, run the program and log in to get your initial look at the home screen.

Notion offers various tools that have unique roles. For instance, there is sidebar, or navigation. This contains the main pages that your workspace has. Other tools include blocks, files, toggles, tables, User Experience (UX), pages, and views.

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