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Apache OpenOffice is similar software to Microsoft office in terms of functions only free.

Software details

Linux / mac / Windows 10

Software description

Office software is always necessary, but it is not always user-friendly or free to use. OpenOffice is both — and so much more. Compatible with various programs and able to function on almost any type of computer, OpenOffice is the ultimate open-source office suite. Used by millions over the past 20 years, OpenOffice is the worldwide go-to software for individuals, students, schools, businesses, and government agencies.

Using an open standard format, OpenOffice reads, writes, and stores files from other office software suites. It also integrates data from these other programs. So, whether the files come from other software packages or originate with OpenOffice, functions and usability are seamless. And it’s all free.

OpenOffice Programs

OpenOffice suite is packaged with multiple programs, including:


Writer is a word-processing program. Users can write something as simple as a note or as complex as a user manual or eBook.


Calc is a spreadsheet program that can handle anything from basic equations, warehouse inventory, fiscal budgets, math homework or anything else. Whether it is simple or complex, Calc can handle it.


Impress creates and supports multimedia presentations. Use it in the classroom or the boardroom. No matter where it is, Impress gets the multimedia job done.


Draw is a versatile graphic editing program that allows users to create images. Create a simple doodle, sketch, and diagrams — or create complex 3D models and illustrations.


Base is a comprehensive database program that allows users to create and personalize databases, create forms, run queries, and generate reports.


Math is an integrative equation editor that is compatible with various programs. Although typically used for word-processing documents, it can be integrated into other programs within the office software suite.

Other Benefits of OpenOffice

The beauty of open-source is that its potential is infinite. Open-source software has the unique distinction of having a worldwide faction of passionate supporters, developers, and users. Countless people and organizations are invested in everyone having access to amazing software that is free to use.

Over the past 20 years, OpenOffice has developed and grown into one of the most utilized programs ever used. Fortunately, its open-sourced base means it will only improve. Anyone can contribute toward making it better for everyone. Suggesting new features and functions, reporting bugs, and also directly improving software are all possible through a global network of dedicated users.

While users get the priceless benefit of truly innovative software, they are also able to save money because it is completely free. That also allows users to increase productivity while allocating costs or profits towards other important ventures.

There is never a need to compromise or sacrifice software function and quality with this software. Everything is already there. One easy download is all it takes to open up a world of superior software.

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