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Users with all levels of artistic ability will enjoy Microsoft Paint 3D, as the tools are easy to use effectively regardless of your level of expertise. The functionality of this Paint rendition isn’t too dissimilar to the old-school Paint, although you’ll have access to more contemporary options and a smoother dashboard.








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Software description

You’ll find tools for creating the most straightforward 2D renderings but have options for creating intricate 3D designs. Paint 3D Tools include the usual suspects from the OG Paint, like shapes, text, brushes, and various effects, with a few new additions to enhance the experience.

The Latest Paint

Paint 3D takes cues from the original Paint software while adding some unique capabilities, with the most standout feature being the 3D model option. Consider the following features and abilities listed below:

  • Plenty of Artistic Weapons: You’ll feel at home using the oil brush, pencil, eraser, pen, watercolor brush, spray can, and pencil. Additional tools include a crayon, a calligraphy pen, and the old favorite, the fill tool.  You’ll get complete color customization across the board and individual settings for things like line weight and transparency for each of these tools.
  • Basic models are supplied, which you may load straight into your masterpiece, like a man, woman, dog, cat, and fish.
  • Using the eyedropper allows you to match colors based on existing shades within a picture, or you can choose a new addition by keying in the color hex.
  • Cool new 2D to 3D converter
  • Multiple fonts available for 2D and 3D text options
  • Rotate photos in the same way the original Paint allows, or mess around with perspective and rotate and spin on the X and Y axis for a full 3D tilt.
  • Adjust the size of your photos by leveraging the Crop tool
  • File options include JPG, PNG, 3MF, GLB, PLY, OBJ, STL, and more.
  • Place stickers and textures directly onto a 3D rendering. Create your custom stickers or use the premade options.
  • Navigate version history to restore a project to a specific save point of progress.
  • Globally scale your medium based on the percentage or per pixel to provide precision control

The Interface

While it is still possible to work with 2D pictures, this version of Microsoft Paint is far more powerful than its predecessor. It works well with touch screens and has a fresh new style.

The amount of 3D objects that you can place on your medium is unlimited, and you’ll have the option of viewing them all at one time or individually. You can also move items forward or backward in the canvas, similar to different layers in other programs.

One of the most refreshing things about Paint 3D is the fact that there’s excellent help as you go along. This is especially helpful for graphics artists who have never worked with 3D models or rendering before.

The contributor feature of 3D Paint might be one of the coolest out of the entire application. If you go to the website, you’re able to share the masterpieces you create. You’ll also have access to pieces other creators have posted, giving you inspiration for future pieces you’d like to make.

The Remix3D platform is free but secure. You’re required to use a screen name and password to sign in, just like any other art/game-related online community.

Magic Select

Using the Magic Select option gives you similar abilities as the Magic Wand Tool in Photoshop. This gives you the opportunity to cut certain images or components from larger images or backgrounds.

After you’ve selected the image you’d like to pull, you’re able to use the eraser to clean the image up, touching up edges, outlines, and other imperfections.

Starting with 3D

When you’re ready to begin rendering a 3D photo, obviously, you can begin from a blank canvas. However, the website also allows you to choose models OTHER people created (you’ll have your own Remix 3D sidebar). On the panel, the models are shown under categories like community elements, staff top choices, starter kits, and more. If you find an artist you like, you can funnel search results to look exclusively for their work.

After you find the model you’re satisfied with to act as the start of your project, tap “Add to Project,” You can begin adding and creating a model with your spin on things. If you get hung up by running into roadblocks or don’t know how to use a feature, don’t worry. As mentioned earlier, the guide and tutorial are beneficial, and you can set it to a pop-up tutorial that gives you info as you click on specific features.

Paint 3D might not be as advanced as Photoshop, but it still does an excellent job, especially considering you get tutorials with the program. It’s a major upgrade from the original Paint, officially discontinued for new versions and upgrades.

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