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PDF XChange Viewer is A free and powerful tool for consuming PDF content. View or read PDF files easily. It runs silent and lightweight, so your computer will not slow down while reading. Aside from doing the basics right, it also has many robust features available for everyone to use. Moreover, it supports computers running older versions of Windows OS. Therefore, it is highly compatible with almost every device configuration.








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Software description

PDF-XChange Viewer is a free, downloadable, PDF reader for Microsoft Windows developed by Tracker Software Products. It is essential in our modern times to possess the ability to read PDF documents. Thankfully, we have access to a program that completes simple functions, like allowing PDF’s to be viewed, to more complex tasks. PDF-XChange Viewer is a necessary program to own.

Special Features

PDF-XChange Viewer is touted as containing more features and being smaller and faster than any other program of its kind. This software turns the owner into an artist, allowing the ability to actually construct their own original PDF document. Created documents can also be emailed directly from the program. Users are able to create PDF files directly from any image file or scanner. The program is also able to convert other files types, such as .rtf and .txt, into a PDF. Miraculously the software is able to export to an image, allowing the user to save a PDF as a digital picture in 15 supported formats, such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, TGA, BMP and GIF. An impressive feature allows users to OCR image based PDF’s enabling the ability to make text searchable for the PDF file.

PDF-XChange Viewer conveniently includes a complete and powerful JavaScript Engine. The program can be integrated with other translation software and has a Plug-In for the Firefox Browser. Being productive is easy with the ability to Auto-Highlight Fillable Form Fields and complete lightning fast document searches. Impressively secure files and permissions. Take advantage of AES Encryption Password capabilities included in PDF-XChange Viewer. In the case of an unplanned closing of the program there is a feature which restores the last session, restoring the last files which were opened.

User Interfaces

The user interface is customizable, allowing you to choose only the tools desired to be displayed. This not only reduces clutter, but eliminates the need to search through unused items to find the one you actually want. The option to customize is located in the Tools drop-down menu. Other features located in that menu include markup and comment tools, zoom tools and measuring tools. Located in the Settings menu are handy tools such as rendering, forms, file associations, security and search providers, snapshots, performance, identity, commenting and page display.
The user inter face is tabbed, similar to an internet browsing session, with the ability to have several documents open in the same window simultaneously. Type directly onto your PDF documents in Typewriter mode. Large documents are easily searched with the use of Pan and Loupe Window tools, making document navigation a snap.

Final Say

PDF-XChange Viewer is an excellent offering to the need of a PDF reader. Better than other similar programs, the fact that the download is free is spectacular. The daily necessity for software of this kind is becoming commonplace. Anyone who does not have this program yet, should get it today. The ease and speed of use is just one more reason to love PDF-XChange Viewer.

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