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PDFCreator is an efficient tool for conversion of various file formats into PDF, PNG and TIFF files.

Software description

PDFCreator is an efficient tool for conversion of various file formats into PDF, PNG and TIFF files. It was developed by PDFForge. The updates are often released to add more features into the software and to keep it stable. It was developed solely for Windows Operating System. It creates a virtual printer for PDF formation and then lets you access this virtual printer from any other program to convert its files into PDF format.

Installation Guide:

You can choose language after the setup file is executed. After the setup is prepared, it will open the Setup Wizard. You can install its extra components by choosing expert settings option. Then accept the license of agreement, select its installation type and required software components. The chosen settings will then be displayed for you to review. When you are satisfied with selected options you can click the Install button. After the software is installed completely you can use the various features it offers.


PDFCreator is compatible with many formats and offers conversion of your files into PDF, PNG, TIFF and other formats. You can adjust the settings and use many options on your files. Not only text, but it can also convert images without damaging their quality. It protects your documents by giving you the option to apply passwords on your files for prohibiting other users to open them. It lets you merge multiple documents into one, compress and reduce file size and perform encryption for security.


When you run PDFCreator for file conversion, it lets you choose profile settings and application settings. In General category of Application Settings, you can choose its language, manage checking of updates and select default printer settings. In Printer section you can add, rename or remove virtual printer. The Title Replacement category lets you change the extensions of files that can be converted with this software. With Debug option you can manage logging levels, test pages and file export settings.

In Profile Settings it shows 6 categories. With Document category you can enter title and author name and use stamp on every document page. In Save section you can choose file format, name and add templates. Auto Save category lets you perform automatic saving of your created PDF files. With Actions, you can open or print document, add cover, upload with FTP and perform multiple other operations. In Image Formats adjust JPEG, PNG and TIFF settings and PDF category is for adjusting page and color settings.


PDFCreator is a free to use software. During its installation it offers you to download a few other tools too, so you need to be careful while running its Installation Wizard. Its Plus version is available for $4.95 per year with advanced features and no adware. PDFCreator is an award winning tool in the field of PDF conversion tools. With the help of its virtual printer, it can convert a lot of file formats into PDF format.

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