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PDFsam is a type of application on the desktop that splits, merges, extracts pages rotates, and mixes different kinds of PDF documents. It is a legit free application that is accessible to the public that follows an open-source type of platform. It is very accessible coming from the source and collected code on the project’s page. It is compatible with MSI package intended for 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating system, .dmg file for Mac Operating System, .deb file package for GNU or Linux, and ZIP for the users’ convenience.

Software description

PDFsam has a wide range of features or functions. It can combine or merge PDF files choosing the whole document or its subdocuments. It caters to a range of settings so that the user can choose some options or commands on what to do if for example, the original PDF file consists of bookmarks also known as Acro Forms and it can produce the table of contents, neutralize the sizes of the page, and can create additional blank pages.

It can also divide PDF files in various situations:

  • First, after every page, whether it is even or odd
  • Second, after a provided set of number page
  • Third, in every “n” pages
  • Fourth, per level of the bookmark

Lastly, depending on the size where the produced files can be turned around, whether it is on every page or just the selected ones.

Aside from that, PDFsam can rotate multiple PDF files whether it is on every page or just the selected ones. It can mix PDF files where a range number of files are being combined, getting these pages alternately. It can also store and restore the working space of your computer or PC.

PDFsam has three main types: Basic, Enhanced, and Visual.

PDFsam Basic is the most used type and is very user-friendly. You can select the different range of pages in the form of a comma symbol which divides different interval pages which lets you have a specific page that you intend to merge for every PDF file. You can also save or set on what are the things to accomplish with the bookmarks of the merged PDF files that you chose. You can combine them, disregards them in order to get smaller files, or even make new bookmark trees with every entry from the selected PDF file. The said action is also the same for Acro Forms and Table of Contents section.

PDFsam Enhanced also known as “The PDF Editor” is a complete set of PDF diagnostics to generate, authorize, filling out forms, protect and even do some editing to your PDF files. It has a PDF Reader feature that lets the user view and open any type of PDF, comic book file that has single or full-screen mode when viewing.

PDFsam Visual is a type of tool that gives you a visual experience when you make or create documents, rearrange your pages, combine, disregards, divide, fix texts and so much more. It has a 14-day trial to experience its entire feature.

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