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PGSharp is a software for android devices that is available for free. The app helps the user to fake their location on Pokémon GO GPS location, and provide control in terms of navigation on the app.







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PGSharp is basically an android software that enables the users to change their GPS location when playing Pokémon Go game. This software helps the users to manage the movement of their Avatar without moving it. In addition, it provides sophisticated features such as custom walking speed, automatic walk, as well as joystick support aids in catching Pokémons from the comfort of your home. The app is available and free to download, but the key that it provides comes with an expiration date.

PGSharp is helpful while playing Pokémon GO is a game; it is one of the most popular video games to have ever been produced. The game evokes nostalgia to the 1990s kids, and it features a wonderful augmented reality. While playing the game, you can easily find, capture, as well as train Pokémons that appear in your current location. Nevertheless, the game has its drawbacks that requires that you step out and move around to encounter different creatures.

In order to eliminate this issue, the PGS Tech Ltd came up with PGSharp, a useful gadget that enables the users to fake their GPS location as well as movement. With the app, the users can navigate around without moving, and they can easily catch a number of several Pokémons. In addition, this software do not have limitations to the teleporting distance; this means that users can navigate around the world while sitting in their houses. Furthermore, the latest version of the software is advantageous to the users since it comes with an auto-walk functionality, which offers options to alter the walking speed, and allow the use of a joystick.

In addition, once you download the PGSharp app, you have the ability to change your location on Pokémon GO. It comes with numerous advanced features that makes it easier to play the game. By faking, or changing your location you gain the power to move across Pokemons that might not be available I’m your city or state. In order to enjoy more, you have to utilize the teleport function to move from one location to the other.

Furthermore, the app allow users to create a custom walking speed of their avatar. Through this specification, users can control how fast their characters move when they navigate the joystick around. There is also an auto-walk feature that is of use while you are waiting for the eggs to hatch. This feature is very important to the users since it can work without the user’s intervention.

On the safety of the app, PGSharp is not harmful, you can download and use it without causing harm to your device. But, there may be a few problems that users might experience while using the app to fake their location. Since the developer of the game, known as Niantic, wants to offer fair gaming experience to all users around the world. The problem emerges when you are caught using spoofing app, it can block your account from the app.

Creation of a fake Pokémon Trainer Club account is one of the best ways of eliminating the issue above when planning to spoof your location. In this manner, even if the user gets blocked, their initial PTC account cannot be affected. Also, it insists that the users should not change their location on the map every now and then to evade landing on the radar of Niantic developers. It is also important to note that the app does not require you to root your gadget. But it lets you fake your location with the help of app’s key that is available for free on the company’s website.

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