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PhoneClean is a professional application that manages your iPhone. It comes equipped with almost all functions that can speed up your processor. It removes junk files, manages backups, maintains privacy and provides a secure environment for internet browsing. It is a reliable tool that can be used by beginners and professionals due to its intuitive interface.







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Software description

Do you want to make your iPhone and iPad run faster? Do you want to have more space for your devices? Do you have no idea what’s consuming most of your storage? If you respond yes, then download PhoneClean. What is PhoneClean? You might ask. PhoneClean is a great tool to make your devices perform fast.

PhoneClean 5 is a free tool that’s packed with so many features. It is available for Mac and Windows so that everyone can access its capabilities. Make your iPhone and iPad faster today; download PhoneClean now!

Features at a glance

  • Free up space
  • Junk finder
  • Supports multiple devices
  • Lightweight
  • Web privacy cleaner
  • Backup and restore

An in-depth look at PhoneClean

Free up space

Storage is indeed essential for Apple mobile devices. When you run out of storage, you need to remove files or uninstall applications since SD cards aren’t supported. The only option is using cloud storage. However, it isn’t as reliable as having a local copy, especially when you’re offline.

PhoneClean will scan your devices and identify files and applications that you no longer use. Also, it detects useless data and removes them. In return, your device will have more space for more important things.

Junk finder

Junk files and applications can cause many problems with your devices. They can hog your resources or consume most of the storage. Consequently, your iPhone or iPad will not function properly, as these excess data are holding it back.

What PhoneClean does is identify the applications and files that are slowing down your system. It creates a list of these issues and lets you take action. If you don’t want to be nitpicking with many items, you can enable execution on its own. It is developed so it can detect the details and specifications of your device. It means it can identify and adapt the processes based on your devices’ OS version, hardware configuration, and many more. You don’t have to worry about it, not making the most appropriate action for your device.

Supports multiple devices

If you have many devices or want to include your family’s devices, you can do so with PhoneClean. It is family-friendly, which means it supports the maintenance of different devices. It is now easier to make your whole family’s devices run faster. You don’t need to pay extra for each device since PhoneClean is entirely free.


It is developed to be lightweight so your computer will not lag when cleaning your iPhone or iPad. You can run and work on another application while PhoneClean is running in the background.

Web privacy cleaner

It extends its capabilities to your device’s web browser. It scans most browsers, including Safari, to ensure your web privacy. It safeguards your web activity, so you don’t have to worry about data leaks and malware from websites. It only shows how good PhoneClean as an all-around maintenance tool.

Backup and restore

You can backup data from your iPhone and iPad devices. Save your files, photos, videos, and app data to your computer and external devices. Also, you can restore these data to a new phone to make setting up faster.

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