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Photomatix Pro is an image editor aimed to improve the quality of the photos. If you are always taking photographs with a bad contrast and you know that even with the best exposure a photograph can have light issues. The program offers two ways to solve this problem. The first tool you can use is to merge differently exposed photos into a single image with larger size. The second tool serves to reveal details of the images that have light and contrast, in an HDR image.

Software description

Do you want to make a photograph with perfect lighting and composition? With Photomatix Pro you can, in a few steps, join several pictures with different light exposures to create one using the HDR technique.

• Know the process

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is an amazing technique that professional photographers use. It is used in times when you can’t take pictures with the intensity of light and perfect focus on a single object. So, several photos are taken at the same place and at the same moment, but with different lighting. After that, the images are joined to form one, which will have the elements of all the photos, such as colors, lighting and sharpness. But this technique is not used only in photographs, you surely will find the presence of these techniques in games and movies today, giving incredible lighting effects.

• Know the software

The simplicity of the program is more than amazing. Simply load the images and ask for the program “shoot”. You can either create HDR images or simply merges a photograph with the other, creating stunning effects.

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