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PotPlayer is a high-quality multimedia player software for pc. It is capable of supporting both audio and video formats of media. The interface is simple and easy to use either when selecting a new media to play or rewinding a currently playing media. Even though streaming videos are becoming more popular, it’s a good alternative for viewing videos offline from the local disks.

Software description

Whenever, we talk about the best media players PotPlayer automatically comes in our minds. Developed by Daum, it looks quite familiar to the Winamp and KMPlayer. PotPlayer comes with a complete set of codecs that support different media file formats. It means that you can easily play a wide range of video and audio files with the help of this player. There is no need to download and install the codecs manually. Though, it supports OpenCodecs through which the required extra codecs can be installed automatically. Basic media controls are displayed on one main window so; there are no extra windows for controlling our video or audio file. You won’t deviate from the main goal: listening to music or watching a movie peacefully.

In this review, you will have an idea about PotPlayer, which is easy to use and quite neat.

Opening a File

You can add files from different sources like: Blu-ray movies, screenshots captured with PotPlayer, digital or analog TV, webcam footage, URL streams, network or removable location and local points. Users can also load external audio streams and subtitle files.  You can manage, develop and save playlists. Make use of the wide range of configuration settings like: auto-detection of file length, skipping duplicates, auto-saving, etc.

Configuring Audio and Video Files

There are a few included visualization themes for the audio files. You can download themes or develop your own slideshow. It is easy to adjust the picture position, display time, frames per second, resolution and other visualization features. For the video files, you can easily apply processing filters to de-noise 3D, sharpen, blur or flip image. It also features de-interlacing options that need to be applied according to the general screen display. Don’t worry all the basic video adjustment tools like saturation, hue, contrast and brightness are also present.  PotPlayer helps capturing and creating images consecutively, include subtitles and messages and grab the current displayed frame.

Control Panel

PotPlayer can be used to change the mode of your computer. You can make use of a countdown timer, sleep mode or completely shut it down. For any audio or video file, you can manage the amount of information related to the file details. There is a long list of several other application configuration settings that you can make use of.

Bottom Line

If you want to enjoy music and video files do opt for PotPlayer. It comes with a handsome number of configuration options. Beginners will take some time to get used to the positive aspects of PotPlayer.

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