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Procreate offers one of the most powerful and intuitive digital illustration apps made for iPad. This robust sketching and painting program essentially transforms your tablet into a portable studio packed with realistic tools and features.

Software description

Procreate emulates the flow and behavior of oils, acrylics, watercolors, pens, pencils and more. It makes drawing and painting digitally feel wonderfully organic. The huge variety of customizable brushes, canvases and tools empowers you to recreate the textures and effects. Whether you’re starting illustrations from a blank canvas or manipulating imported images, Procreate provides the versatile tools. Design in perfect perspective with the Globe feature, draft symmetrical works with ease with advanced text options and more. Its flexible layer blending, filter effects, color management and clipping groups allow you to craft intricate compositions. A user-friendly UI makes all the robust tools easily accessible. Procreate delivers an immense digital studio tailored for iPad’s intuitive touch interface.


Customizing shortcuts is intuitive – just tap a shortcut icon then perform the desired gesture. It’s instantly mapped. You can import and export shortcuts profiles to share efficient setups across devices. Left-handed modes flip shortcuts seamlessly as well. Whether working on an iPad or iPhone, tailored shortcuts save critical time. Quick gestures keep you in creative flow without disrupting artwork to change tools. For optimizing any artistic process, Procreate’s deeply customizable shortcuts shine. You can build the ideal input scheme tailored exactly to your needs. To optimize workflow for artists, Procreate provides robust support for customizing shortcuts. Users can assign gestures, taps, and swipes to frequently used actions, tools, and menu items. Instead of digging through menus, you can set up quick shortcut gestures to switch brushes, activate actions like Transform or Crop, undo mistakes, and much more.

Intuitive Interface

Combined with responsive navigations and gestures, this makes the workflow feel incredibly natural. Even complex tasks end up having straightforward controls optimized for touch. While immensely capable, procreate does not bombard users with layers of complexity. The UI strikes an elegant balance between power and simplicity. New users can comfortably grasp the essential tools thanks to the refined, discernible interface. Procreate fully leverages the unique capabilities of the iPad and Apple Pencil. Creating art on the tablet feels immersive thanks to the specialized touch interactions. The whole experience had down to small details like context-aware menus. Everything comes together harmoniously for illustration that feels seamless and intuitive. This finessed interface design is a major reason as one of the best digital illustration apps available today.

Wide Brush Library

The level of customization provided for each brush type is immense too. Tweak settings like grain, wetness, smearing, opacity, jitter, tapering, and many other parameters to craft your perfect brush. Save your customized creations to reuse or share them online with the community. Download endless brush packs from talented creators within Procreate as well to continually expand your options. The realistic brush rendering is what makes illustrations come to life. Blend colors seamlessly, create natural, smooth gradations, inject organic stroke textures, and simulate the feel of wet or dry media. The brushes lend a tactile, analog spirit that no other digital art app matches. Whether dreaming up illustrations from scratch or manipulating imported images, Procreate’s brush possibilities help unlock full creative freedom.

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