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Samsung Kies is software that manages and upgrades Samsung and other r devices. It allows connection and smooth syncing between devices. It therefore enhances the overall Samsung experience for the user.

Software description

Samsung Kies is software used to communicate between windows and mackintosh OS It also interconnects Samsung mobile phones and tablets mostly through a universal serial bus (USB) cable. It also allows wireless connection through WIFI on later software versions.

Samsung Kies is highly compatible in its functioning. It harmoniously works with a plethora of devices including tablets and smartphones. Therefore, syncing is easier. It seamlessly works with a wide range of multimedia formats e.g., MP3, AAC, WAV and several other image and video formats.

In user friendliness, Samsung Kies aced it. It has an appealing login and navigation interface. Its multi tab arrangement allows for stress free navigation even for the new uses. Samsung Kies functions work separate and in a well-organized manner thus carrying out tasks within the software is highly convenient. Its login process is straightforward. You therefore would have little problem using it, even for the first timers.

Samsung Kies has a wide array of features. It hence absolves you of the need to have similar redundant software, saving on space. It has a file management feature. This helps you sort out your cluttered files. Be it your music, photo video files, you are in safe hands. You therefore have little need for a redundant file manager application. It also gives room for automatic backup and restore. You could therefore decide on a custom backup plan and the software takes it from there. That gives you the ultimate peace of mind. More importantly, it works with both Mac and Windows, giving you little worry.

A hassle-free data transfer is another guarantee when using Samsung Kies. It seamlessly works your data between your phone and PC. Furthermore, it has the built-in video conversion feature. It encodes your videos either manually or automatically. It converts the videos using a specified bitrate resolution and frame rate. This ensures maximum satisfaction.

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