Shareaza Download

Shareaza is a peer to peer program for Windows, which enables users to download every type of files from multiple popular P2P network. Shareaza is a free program and does not contain any third party products such as spyware or toolbar. Shareaza can connect to 4 separate networks of peer-to-peer, giving access to hundreds of thousands of users, all in just one program. It is also possible to use the HTTP, FTP protocols to download/upload.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

Maybe the interface of Shareaza is its great advantage, because its flexibility and design combine together to offer an intuitive user experience. You can customize the color scheme through the theme section. It is also possible to customize the transparency of the screen using the shortcut ALT + up or down arrow.

The features
When you close this program, it is minimized to the task-bar, this process will reduce the consumption of system usage and space. In this mode, the program will continue playing what you’re listening to at the very moment. Another interesting feature of Shareaza is its ability to perform multiple tasks using the tabs. Shareaza has a handful of resources to make the file sharing task a memorable experience. It is considered as one of the best program to download, share, exchange information with other users. However, all these features are offered for free.

Shareaza is a must have software for anyone who needs or just want to download music and videos on your computer. It allows sharing content on social networks.