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SiSoftware Sandra enables you to perform benchmarking of computer and get information related to hardware and software with various tools. Modules that are used most often can be marked as Favorites for quick access. Either you can download its Lite version for Free or purchase license for additional features.

Software description

SiSoftware Sandra 2019 is a useful utility for experienced users who need to perform benchmarking and monitor the overall performance of their system. The product was launched in 1997 by SiSoftware and is one of the most popular tools in this category. Mainly it helps the users with diagnosis of hardware components, so they can easily find out which components are not working properly and need to be replaced. It offers various features and the beginners may have to spend long time in understanding their purpose. Through its tabbed interface, all the required options can be accessed in no time.

System Benchmarks:
It is a useful computer application to run benchmarks. In terms of computer systems, benchmarking refers to the comparison of current status of various characteristics with their expected performance. It is very useful to determine whether you are making full use of the features. It is possible for both hardware and software components such as processor, virtual machines, GP computing, network, graphics, storage devices and memory controller. Performance tests can be run to check cryptography techniques, image processing algorithms, multimedia, bandwidth and throughput of any available component.

Hardware Management:
SiSoftware Sandra lets you manage computer by checking the working of different devices including storage, on-board, generic and peripheral devices. Its computer overview function generates a summary report that gives the details about all installed components. You can have a look at storage adapters, internal storage devices and external ones such as USB and CDs. The categories for on-board devices include mainboard, processor, buses, power adapters, display or video adapters, GP processors, audio devices and environment sensors. If any printer, game controller, scanner, camera, mouse or keyboard is connected, then you can trace its characteristics as well.

Software Services:
With the help of SiSoftware Sandra, you can now analyze the performance of operating system, logical drives, user accounts, media devices, memory, processes, video interface and other software applications. You can get a detailed report on each software product. Whether you want to find out which fonts are present for use or what types of files can be created, everything is possible under the section of Software Management.

In order to run performance tests, certain tools play an essential role. You can create separate modules for testing of newly installed components. Connection with virtual machine, database and a computer can be made if needed. Getting registered with an account lets you receive latest news and store tests results online. Moreover, you can generate detailed report of your whole PC or specific modules with the help of wizard. Selecting Analysis and Advice option will provide tips for simplifying the process of benchmark. Burn-in and Monitor Environment tools help with testing of system stability and computer environment.

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