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StrongRecovery is an application designed to help users recover lost or accidentally erased information on their hard disks, or other types of storage mediums such as flash drives and memory cards. Some of the main causes of data loss include failed partitions or hardware failure.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

We can’t deny that losing essential files is unpleasant. The devices, storage spaces, and other gadgets might get corrupted or bugged. If this happens, the data inside it will have a higher chance of being corrupted. If those data are essential, you will probably find everything that you can to recover them.

Usually, people seek help from maintenance specialists or service centers where we bought our device. The problem is, they charge a hefty bill. If you want a quick solution, you can’t since you have to travel only to hand your device to the person who can fix it. Indeed, it’s a hassle experience when your device is corrupted.

Luckily, there are many software available currently that solve this issue. Instead of traveling a lot of miles to get to the nearest technician, you can download and use software that can recover your files. StrongRecovery, as the name suggests, is excellent for recovering corrupted data from your devices. It has many features and is highly reliable. Wait no more and stop worrying; download StrongRecovery today.

Features of StrongRecovery

  • Recover files and data from computer drives
  • Supports memory cards
  • Recover files and data from storage devices
  • Support camera and other peripherals
  • Cellphone data recovery

StrongRecovery – Major functionalities

Recover files and data from computer drives

Sometimes operation mistakes might corrupt your computer, which results in losing files. There are cases where lost files are irrecoverable. However, if you still have your computer, try again. StrongRecovery will help you.

StrongRecovery can recover files and data lost after a computer is corrupted. As you see, files are not deleted on your system. Instead, they are only replaced to give more space to new files. It is for this reason that lost data can still be recovered if you have the right tool. Well, an excellent tool named StrongRecovery is available for you.

Supports memory cards

Memory cards are the primary storage device for capturing devices such as cameras, recorders, and many more due to their portable size. Its small form-factor can be an issue, though, since its tiny files might be more at risk of getting corrupted.

It’s true; however, you shouldn’t worry too much. StrongRecovery can recover even the tiniest memory cards. In detail, StrongRecovery supports CF, MS, TF, SD, and xD cards. Indeed, all possible memory card types are supported.

Recover files and data from storage devices

There are also other means of storing files and data other than memory cards. Storage devices, such as external and thumb drives, are both trendy choices among users. Everyone can purchase them for a low price but with large storage size.

Unfortunately, they’re also susceptible to data corruption. Since we typically store large sizes of files on them, it’s very problematic if they get corrupted. With this in mind, StrongRecovery had been perfecting its recovery engine to support even high-capacity drives.

Support camera and other peripherals

Cameras and capturing device holds our most treasured memories. It could be videos of your kids or friends or something else. If they get corrupted, then it might mean a significant loss for you. Luckily, StrongRecovery also supports these types of devices.

Cellphone data recovery

StrongRecovery accepts recovery for phones and other similar devices.