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SuperRam is an efficient Windows application that enables you to take control of system memory and processor. It provides information that can help you in determining the behavior of resources and other programs. It saves RAM from being wasted and allocates it to tasks that need to speed up. Since the primary cause of PC’s slow speed is low memory capacity, thus it can help you by its original usage.

Software description

SuperRam is a memory management application that assists you in successfully improving system performance. It is a licensed tool usable in the free trial mode for the limited duration. SuperRam lets you perform different types of tests and modify appropriate settings to increase the speed of PC.  It releases RAM occupied by unnecessary apps and assigns freed space to more useful apps.

Speed Test:
SuperRam performs memory benchmark test to determine approximate speed of memory under different situations. Through this test you can

  • determine small memory block access speed.
  • large memory block access speed and overall average scores.
  • The higher score shows fast memory speed,
  • while lower rating means that necessary actions should be taken for enhancing reliability.

Memory Information:
The software displays useful information about the performance of computer on the main screen.

  •  It helps you become aware of main components’ performance.
  • The data comprises of free and used amounts of both rams as well as the processor.
  • Advanced users can also check a detailed report of memory statistics and use it for future references.
  • The report is available in a visual form and shows total memory and available space.

Though SuperRam does not contain many options, there are a few settings that can be customized by users. The working pattern of the application is that it attempts to release a certain amount of occupied resources as soon as the consumption reaches the threshold.

The memory tool lets you take control of various resources that are necessary for the efficient working of the computer.

  • Apart from freeing memory space from useless apps.
  • it also makes sure that system holds resources during processing of important tasks to achieve high speed. This feature makes it a suitable choice for servers and machines that require constant monitoring.

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