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Syncios is a professional tool that helps with data transfer between iOS or Android devices and computer systems. It automatically detects the devices connected to your PC and downloads device driver if necessary. You can transfer data for backup or recovery purpose and can download videos from internet in desired format.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

If you’re limited with iTunes‘ capabilities and other similar tools, you came to the right place. If you want to manage your iPhone or iPad’s system and files, meet Syncios. It is developed to make the task of transferring files and configuring the system more manageable.

Syncios can:

  • Delete junks and other files
  • Transfer and backup your devices

Syncios is available for Windows and macOS. Try it now and pay later. It also works with Android, so all of your mobile devices are protected from data loss. Download Syncios today!

Syncios – Key features

  • Support iOS, iPad OS, and Android devices
  • Copy and transfer data between devices
  • Recover files
  • Clean mobile devices
  • Backup WhatsApp data

Why you need a transfer tool for Apple mobile devices?

It is well-known that Apple restricts advanced operations for its devices. It only provides iTunes as the only option for when you want to backup files and other data associated with your iCloud account or device. Luckily, many developers and individuals had made workarounds and tools to bypass this limitation.

Currently, there are so many applications available that act as a bridge from Apple’s walled garden to your other devices. The best tool that you can get right now is Syncios. Syncios is an all-in-one solution for managing files and configuring the system of your Apple mobile devices. If you’re tired of being limited, try it out now. You’ll never regret it.

Syncios – Major functionalities

Support iOS, iPad OS, and Android devices

Syncios supports most iOS and iPad OS devices. It can effectively transfer files and do more even with Apple’s limitations. However, if you also have an Android, don’t worry. Syncios is developed with intelligent algorithms that can adapt to your device’s operating system and configuration. Syncios is available for both the macOS and Windows platforms. You can try it for free or purchase one of the many licensing options offered.

Copy and transfer data between devices

Indeed, Apple limits the type of files and data that users can copy to other platforms and devices. However, that doesn’t stop Syncios from being what it was. Quickly transfer and import data between Apple mobile devices and other media. You can also directly transfer from a mobile device to another if you don’t want or have a computer.

Recover files

Sometimes there are cases where your files get corrupted or accidentally deleted. Fortunately, Syncios can help you. It can recover and save the deleted and corrupted files on your devices. Rest assured, you’ll have your files in no time.

Clean mobile devices

Syncios can also clean and maintain your Apple and Android mobile devices. You can clean junk and unused files on your system. Free up more storage for essential uses. Since iOS and iPad OS devices don’t support SD cards, it’s heaven-sent that Syncios can efficiently give you more space.

Backup WhatsApp data

Effectively backup important WhatsApp conversations. Treasure your special moments and fun times. It is capable of transferring conversation, attachments, and other data from your account. WhatsApp data will be exported into .html or .csv file.

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