TaskbarX Download

TaskbarX is a free Windows customization tool that customizes the taskbar on your desktop computer. This tool allows you to change and animate icons, and completely rearrange apps and icons. It is very easy to use and you can go back to your default setting at any time. You have the ability to hide the taskbar or make it visible. Most people like changing their desktop from time to time. This tool gives you the opportunity to change when you want a more personalized look.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 11

Software description

TaskbarX has a number of cool features that can be accessed through the menu and settings. Make various modifications anytime you want to make a change. The following settings are available with TaskbarX through the configurator:

  • Style – Use this to create different colors. You can also choose the color picker icon and hitting apply. Use the slider to change the gradient or customize the look.
  • Animation – Use the 40 different animations on the taskbar. You have the opportunity to move the cursor around to find the best option for you. Tip: Make sure you have your Windows 10 on the right setting or you will not be able to access the options.
  • Position – Once the taskbar is situated in the center, you will be able to adjust the icons the way you want
  • Taskshedule – This is not an automatic feature. If you want it in automatic mode, you must go into the schedule, click time delay and apply.
  • Extra – This setting has a few minor things you can utilize on the taskbar, like hiding the tray or centering items.
  • About – This is included in the latest version. It will give you updates on TaskbarX

Pros And Cons Of TaskbarX?

Pros –

  • Free and easy to download and use
  • It has several configuration options
  • Design is easy enough for beginners
  • You have access to many animations

Cons –

  • It doesn’t always start automatically
  • Some users have reported issues with moving icons

Is The TaskbarX Interface Simple?

The interface is simple to use and it also has several settings that are configurable. Remember to switch the update options to the update mode and the changes will take place. Multiple taskbars can also be created and each can be customized to your preference.

Where And How Do I Load TaskbarX?

You can go to the TaskbarX website to download the tool. It is very easy to follow and only takes a few minutes to download. From there, you can go into the bar and explore your preferences. Note that the download will not make any permanent changes to your computer. You can also go back and remove the taskbar whenever you like.

How Safe Is TaskbarX For Your Computer?

Not only is it a safe application, but it also uses low resources. The only thing it changes on your computer is the taskbar. It is also very efficient.

The TaskbarX can really change the way you see your computer. It’s fun, simple, and a great way to modify things you like. Some people like taskbars for obvious reasons. They like the ease and the ability to control and customize the look. If this is something you want to do, TaskbarX definitely fits the bill.