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Text editor pro offers a practical search function that enables the user to toggle case-sensitive words. Further, it allows smooth scrolling, vertically and horizontally. When you’re working on a project that requires save multiple drafts, the software will allow two files to be opened and compared line by line. The latest version allows automatic backup of working copies to prevent data loss.

Software description

We can’t deny that text editing is still one of the best ways to take notes on devices. It’s fast and easy. You don’t need to install a compelling application, you need simple text editor software, and you’re good to go. Text files are usually small in size since they only contain texts. However, while the years passed, text editing had evolved from a simple jotting down of notes to a long-form or script-based usage.

Text editors are currently used for writing novels, markdown files for blogs, and even writing code programming. Text editors had come a long way, and they’ve gotten better ever since. Text Editor Pro is the best text editor you can get. It is available for all Windows machines so that you can ditch your little notepad.

Key features

  • Highlight syntax
  • Multi-caret editing
  • Customizable
  • Themes
  • Built-in character map
  • Unit conversion tool
  • Compare text
  • Support multiple directories
  • Powerful search

Text Editor Pro – Major functionalities

Highlight syntax

Text Editor Pro is capable of highlighting syntax. If you code a lot or type in markdown, Text Editor Pro can detect keywords. It can even suggest the next keyword based on the previous phrases. It’s intelligent so that you can work faster. Get more than by using Text Editor Pro today.

Multi-caret editing

If you want to work at a fast pace, Text Editor Pro will help you. In essence, you can do multi-caret editing. It means that you can edit different portions of a text file at the same time. Ditch the traditional and slow text editing of the past, utilize Text Editor Pro’s power and get more work done.


Text Editor Pro is highly customizable. You can set different colors and styles for pretty much every aspect of the app. You can change the font, text colors, buttons, interface, and color theme. You can import themes made by other users or create your own.

It is more comfortable and fun when you can customize the look of the app you’re using. If you prefer a particular look, you can do so.


If you don’t want to create your themes, you can use the app’s built-in ones. There are premade themes made available in the app so that you can get started right away. There are a total of 100 themes included, so there are enough choices for everyone.

Built-in character map

Text Editor Pro has a built-in character map so you can view all the characters and symbols of Windows. You can use these symbols and insert them into the text you’re editing.

Unit conversion tool

Sometimes, you may find the need to convert a unit. You might convert for when you’re writing a novel or code. It’s a great feature to have included in your text editor.

Compare text

You can compare the text from the same document of other files. Compare using the tabbed interface or specialized text comparison technique.

Support multiple directories

Text Editor Pro supports multiple directories so you can be more productive. Open two directories in the side panel so you can switch to different documents quickly.

Powerful search

Search files and text from folders and files.

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