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TinyUmbrella is a software that saves SHSH blob and downgrade Ios version even those that apple cannot sign. It has a simple interface for all users to navigate easily. Additionally, it is a freeware available for download from its official website.

Software description

TinyUmbrella is a software that allows iOS users to downgrade their versions to the previous ones. Apple won’t support such operation but with the help of this application it is possible. What has makes it even popular is the SHSH blob saving and the firmware downgrade. It allows restoration of initial device versions. TinyUmbrella can save SHSH blobs for specific iOS firmware. This feature is crucial because it is the gateway that allows successful downgrading. Apple may not sign the out-of-date version but with the help of this software you can still use it. Afterwards, this application downgrades the firmware version. This will only happen after a successful saving of SHSH blob. It guarantees flexibility during the entire process.

In addition, TinyUmbrella can detect the iOS device in connection to the pc. It provides a lot of information which includes firmware version and model of the device. This information can help the user have complete knowledge of the device and make the correct choice. In addition, this software has a simple user-friendly interface. It guarantees all users an easy landing and navigation. Its features are straight forward with little complication. The design of the interface is simple such that beginners can move step by step without having any technical skills. Also, it is compatible with several operating systems. These are windows, and macOS.

The developing team have a community of users and developing team. The main aim is to share any updates that arise or tips in case of troubleshooting. The community keeps the users together. Furthermore, TinyUmbrella has a secure protocol to ensure all SHSH blob are safe. This assurance makes it trustworthy to many users. Additionally, there are regular updates made to ensure it remains viable and dependable. Also, it ensures there is compatibility between the SHSH blob and the iOS device in connection.

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