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Turbo C++ is a computer programming language that is used to create high performing applications for Microsoft Windows and iOS.

Software description

Turbo C++ offers ease of development with its powerful built-in compiler, easy installation process and an intuitive interface. Features such as advanced code optimization techniques allow the programmer to easily develop high speed programs. With Turbo C++, it has become easier for novice programmers too to learn and create basic programs in less time. It also allows dynamic memory management which helps in efficient program execution without any wastage of resources. The IDE turbo editor makes coding enjoyable by providing syntax highlighting feature, auto complete and template functions etc. It makes debugging easy at any stage of the development process. All these features make Turbo C++ absolutely marvelous.

Code Editor

It works by providing windows for both source code viewing and program execution. The output viewing and menus with commands like compile, run or stop. It also provides an interactive debugger with breakpoints, single stepping, watch points etc. Thus, it makes debugging easy. Some features include line numbering, online help topics including overviews on many aspects of programming in C++ languages and built-in libraries. The enhanced search options that allow searching keywords within the application’s menu system or via open documents displayed at the time. Its portability has made Turbo C++ one of most popular programming software used today.


Turbo C++ is a powerful and efficient compiler with various features that enable efficient programming. The integrated development-environment (IDE) of turbo C++ includes an editor for easy code writing, debugging and file customization. It supports structures pointers variables and other language specific elements such as autoincrement operators, basic mathematical functions, loops etc. The automatic syntax checker which comes inbuilt with Turbo C++ help developers to identify syntactical errors at the time of compiling. So, one can easily debug it during compilation process. Supporting multiple platforms like Microsoft Window 98/2000/XP Operating system makes TurboC++ more versatile. It plays major role in speeding up development process. With its simple menu driven interface, one can quickly master this advanced technology making the work easier.

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