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UltraSurf is an awesome proxy-based internet privacy tool developed by UltraReach Internet Corp. It provides users a secure and private connection to the web.

Software description

UltraSurf allows them to browse freely without leaving any traces behind. The software makes it possible for people from outside of restricted places like educational institutions, corporate offices and home networks. It securely accesses websites which they would otherwise not have access to due to firewall restrictions.

In addition, Ultrasurf also offers strong encryption features, which make sure data sent over the network remains safe from interception or manipulation. Additionally, it helps in bypassing censorship imposed by governments around the world. You can get unrestricted access on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter regardless of your location. This powerful free service continues making a significant impact in opening up opportunities for everyone online. It helps them maintain both privacy and anonymity

Secure Encryption

This provides additional safeguards for online privacy that are not provided by other browsers. The encrypted traffic is impossible to decrypt unless the recipient has access to the same secret key in the encryption process. Any malicious third-parties attempting to view the information passing through an UltraSurf connection would only see an unintelligible stream of characters.

Portable Application

The interface is simple and efficient so it’s suitable for anyone, regardless of technical background or experience level. Additionally, traffic through this service not only remains completely encrypted. UltraSurf is easy to use, lightweight, and requires no installation. Users can use it with any web browser on any device such as a computer or smartphone. Users just need to launch the program from their USB flash drive or other storage device to start browsing securely.

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