VEGAS Pro Download


Vegas Pro is one of the most powerful video editing software available. It has an array of tools which allow users to create incredible visuals quickly and easily.

Software description

With VEGAS Pro, users can produce videos with precision and skill from start to finish in no time. Its features include precision cutting tools, wide color management capabilities, enhanced performance gains over previous versions.  It offers frame accurate trimming on unlimited tracks in real time, multi-camera editing options, and GPU-accelerated graphics for render times. Vegas Pro also gives its users access to a whole suite of audio plugins. It offers professional grade mixing options that make it ideal for creating high quality soundtracks for films or games. Vegas Pro provides an easy-to-use user interface interconnected with comprehensive tools that provide excellent results every time you use it.

Multi Track Editing

VEGAS Pro allows users to edit multiple audio and video tracks in one timeline. It provides great flexibility when it comes to mixing, adding effects, transitions and more. With Multi-Track Editing, users can combine images and videos on several simultaneous tracks with independent start and end times for each track. Transitions between clips are automatically generated as well as sound filters. In addition, there are numerous tools available such as keyframing that allow users to take control of their work even further.

Multi Camera Editing

VEGAS Pro multi camera editing feature helps editors easily edit video clips that were captured from multiple cameras. It enables you to sync, switch and cut for perfect timing in a simple interface. This allows one to quickly set up detailed angles giving an immersive experience when creating videos. You can almost be inside the scene with this feature.

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