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Sign-up for a Venmo account and pay or get paid fast.

Software description

The Venmo app is a US-based digital wallet that lets you pay and get paid safely and quickly. It’s an excellent app for splitting dinner with friends, paying roommates for your share of house bills, and even sending your sibling’s money for their birthday. Adding notes to transfers makes it feel like you’re catching up with friends. But, it’s not just a social app. Instead, it’s a great way to handle your money. With this download, you can spend and send money the way you want.


  • Send and receive money
  • App credit card offers cashback
  • Buy, sell, or hold cryptocurrency
  • Get an app debit card
  • Business profile option
  • Pay in-store with the QR code
  • Pay online
  • Direct deposit
  • Instant transfer

Feature Highlights

Pay and Get Paid Fast

Easily send money to friends, family, or contacts fast. Write a note in the memo describing the money transfer, or just to connect with friends.

Earn Rewards

Sign-up for the app credit card and earn cash back on your purchases. You can hook up the app credit card to your account and use it to pay friends and contacts too. The credit card is accepted in the US where Visa is accepted in the United States.

Buy, Hold, or Sell Crypto

Are you interested in cryptocurrency? Learn more through the app’s resources right in the app. You can buy, hold, and sell crypto on the app. Available cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Sign up for the App’s Mastercard

Apply for the Venmo debit card and access a Mastercard accepted in the US. You’ll even be eligible to earn cash back on some transactions.

Business Profile

Send money requests and get paid using Venmo’s business profile. It’s great for a small business, side gig, and everything in between.

Get Paid Two Days Faster with Direct Deposit

Are you tired of waiting until payday to get your paycheck? Then, try Venmo’s direct deposit to get your money up to two days early.

Social Component

Venmo stands out from other digital wallets with its feeds. The app offers various feeds, including public, private, and friends-only feeds. The feeds publish your transactions to a pre-determined feed. The social aspect comes from emojis and remarks added to the transactions. Popular emoji include wine glasses and take-out containers.

Pay In-Store

There are several ways to pay in-store with this app. It is now accepted anywhere Paypal, its parent company, is accepted. Users can pay using their personal QR code, which can also be used to pay individuals.

Instant Transfers

When money is sent to your Venmo account, you will see it there within minutes, if not seconds. You can keep it there or send it to your bank account. When transferring money, you have two options. You can move the funds instantly, for a small fee, or transfer the funds to your bank for free, with a one to three-day delay. The instant transfer fee is 1.5% of the transfer with a cap of $15 per transfer and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

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