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Virtual DJ is essential software for you to unlock your potential in creativity by seamlessly mixing audios and videos, its intuitive features, and elevate your DJing experience. Suitable for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Software description

Virtual DJ is a software that helps users in mixing audio tracks and video tracks. This software developed by Atomix Productions, contains more features compared to other DJ programs. It is a digital platform where DJs prepare for events to reduce the gap between the audience and music.

The features and tools included in the software are perfect for music enthusiasts and professional DJs. It is very user-friendly; one gets to learn how the software operates its use can be within a very short period. Due to its plug and autodetection feature, it’s most preferred when seeking to improve the effectiveness of connected controllers and mixers.

As much as the Virtual DJ is user-friendly, some of its features are more complex than others. Researching and referring to the app’s pages, can help in knowing how to successfully use it to function. The syncing tracks option is easily accessible on the menu. On the other hand, there is integration of controllers that automatically adjusts the live. All this, just by selecting a destination file for their songs and then press a track to play.

The software also has an integrated DVS engine that offers seamless mixing alongside conventional turntables and CD players. The unique visual components of Virtual DJ make it stand out from other comparable software. VirtualDJ also has an event scheduling feature that synchronizes music. This wide range of visuals improves the performance, extending the influence of creativity beyond immediate audio adjustments.

Virtual DJ is also possible to create remixed recordings in bars and shops without straining. To achieve this, you only need a laptop and a speaker. Also, this software can create lots of transitional effects while making remixes for videos. Connecting a projector to a computer allows you to enjoy a good session of these videos with others.

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