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With 9% of Windows users still using this version, Windows 7 remains one of the most popular operating systems. The main reason it is user favorite is its intuitive graphical user interface and desktop theme range. Also, you can place widgets/gadgets on your desktop to enhance accessibility. There is now built-in support for multiple monitor screens and its powerful search function facilitates users.

Software description

Windows 7 is amongst the most popular versions of Windows. In fact, over 9% of Windows users have this version on their systems. The OS can work on systems with 32-bit or 64-bit architectures having 2GB RAM and 20GB hard disk space.

It focuses on improved performance and user-friendly display. Also, enhanced digital security, fun games, and a theme library are other important parts of this upgrade.

Attractive Themes

This version of Windows improved the layout or appearance by adding a new theme pack. Also, there are several background themes and color preferences to choose from. Device admins can customize icons, mouse cursors, and wallpapers.

A distinguished feature that came out for the first time was the image slideshow for desktops. This means you can set up multiple wallpapers that change periodically.

Multiple Editions for Different Markets

Just like other Windows versions, Windows 7 also includes different editions. Whether you need it for personal or business use, you can choose the right edition.

  1. Home Premium
  2. Professional
  3. Ultimate
  4. Starter
  5. Home Basic
  6. Enterprise
  7. N and KN
  8. E Edition

Out of these 8, the top 3 are most popular and widely used.

Start Menu and Gadgets

The gadgets feature was introduced with Windows Vista. But this version introduced more gadgets that can you can directly place on the desktop. Further, Microsoft is now focusing on reduced power consumption. Thus, there is a new option to hide gadgets when you’re using another app. This way, gadgets won’t consume power when they aren’t in use.

The Start Menu also got a fresh look with fade-in effects, as in when you move the cursor to an icon. In addition, there are some changes to the search bar in the Start menu.

Advanced Windows Explorer Functionalities

First, the Windows 7 integrated search functionality with Windows Explorer. This means you can browse files present in any location in system memory. Not only that, but you can also look for files in an attached external device.

Also, there’s a new Favorite menu icon. You can mark important documents or apps and they will appear under this menu.

Simplified Network & Sharing Options

Windows 7 offers support for Virtual Wi-Fi. With this function, your single wireless adapter acts like two client devices.

Also, you can manage your network and specify which devices you want to connect with. There is a HomeGroup function so you can connect with trusted devices on the network and share data. Don’t worry about data security since this communication is encrypted. Only authorized devices can receive and view the documents.

Virtualization Support

The big surprise is that Windows version has brought virtualization support. This means you can set up a virtual desktop interface to boost user experience. Moreover, you can also connect multiple monitor screens and manage screen display via System Settings.

There are some additional features to enjoy with this operating system. The important ones are VoIP microphone support, an all-new snipping tool, and a peek-at-desktop option in the notifications tray.

In Conclusion

Windows 7 was released in late 2009. Quickly, it became a popular operating system for its wide variety of unique features that delivered an unmatched user experience. Compared to its predecessor, Windows Vista, it was a huge upgrade in terms of functionality.

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