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Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft Windows. It was made commercially available in October 2009 as a replacement to Windows Vista. It uses the same user interface as that of Vista.

Software description

Windows 7 refers to a version of Windows that came after Vista. It offers high speeds, as well as streamlining interface. In addition, it boasts several features such as the user account control sandbox, and the Aero graphical improvements. In various aspects, it is very modest settling at the middle of a web of operating systems with multiple unique characteristics. There are several changes that differentiates Windows 7 from Vista.

The features are not as obvious as booting up to the desktop. However, the background, and the default colors differ from Vista. The new version (7) rearranged significant interface elements, and applets from the Control Panel, and beyond.

Furthermore, a number of elements closely look like those of its predecessors, although it is still absolutely familiar to individuals shifting to it, and in general its changes are useful, and effective. In addition, it operates more smoothly than XP, as well as Vista. Also, its taskbar, and other components utilizes a bit less screen properties.

Generally, Windows 7 is a better option of operating system for almost everyone. The operating is system is robust with minor issues. Although, it’s support will sooner come to an end than other Operating systems choices. Besides, this software is highly compatible, high speed, and it is secure with less interruptions.

Additionally, when using windows 7 you can pin applications to the taskbar. You can also rearrange them on the taskbar in the order that appeals to you. There are also some additions such as libraries for keeping files. It comes with default library folders like Documents, Pictures, and Videos.

All these are in different versions, that is, public, and private. It is the first version of Windows to reinforce multitouch capabilities. Moreover, it features a perfect handwriting recognition.

With Windows 7, Snap, and Shake abilities emerged. Snap allows you to drag an open window to either left, or right of the screen. You can therefore, resize to occupy half the screen. If you pull the window off the side, it goes back to its initial size and shape. You can also automatically make better use of a window by dragging it to the top of the screen.

On the other hand, Shake allows you to hide all inactive windows. You can do this by clicking the top of an open window, and rapidly dragging it back, and forth. Furthermore, you can efficiently reach the desktop with the Show Desktop button. The button is at the bottom right of the screen; it minimizes all open windows.

According to Microsoft, there are specific hardware requirements for the windows version to run effectively. That is, 1 GHz processor, and it should be either 32, or 64 bit. 1 GB of RAM on a 32 bit, and 2GB of RAM for a 64 bit. Another requirement is 16 GB of accessible disk space for a 32-bit, and 20 GB of accessible disk space for 64-bit. The other requirement was DirectX 9 graphics computer with Windows Display Driver model 1.0 or more.

At that time, Windows 7 was useful to Microsoft users in many ways. It was to reduce start up, and shutdown times by 20 seconds; got to sleep and resume quickly, consume less memory. Show search results faster, reconnect to user’s wireless network, and recognize USB gadgets faster.

Never the less, performance tests of the operating system shows that actual enhancements vary, and relies majorly on the state of your particular computer, as well as the programs you are running.

Apart from its positive impacts, Windows 7 has also some drawbacks which include security issues, system updates, adaptation, hardware compatibility, and system requirements.

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