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Windows Calculator is the modern application for Windows 10, and Windows 11. This calculator is one of the most comprehensive that users can acquire for Windows. This is due to its several calculator modes, and many converters.

Software description

Windows Calculator is a basic but powerful calculator. It includes standard, scientific, graphing calculator functionality, and programmer. Besides, it contains a set of converters between different units of measurement, and currencies. It is an effective application to aid users complete their math homework, manage their finances, and plot. It can also analyze equations on a graph, and evaluate algebra, trigonometry, as well as complex math expressions.

Windows Calculator has some wonderful features that makes user enjoy using the application. For instance, it offers fundamental operations as well as evaluating common commands immediate as the users enter them. It has a scientific calculator that provides a wide range of operations, and evaluates commands depending on the order of operations. There is also a programmer calculator functionality that provides basic mathematical operations for developers including conversion between common bases.

Furthermore, there is a date calculation feature which works to provide the difference between two dates. With this feature, users can easily add or subtract years, months, and or days to or from a particular input date. Others important features of Windows Calculator is that it offers calculation history, and memory abilities. There is conversion between many units of measurement. It converts currencies based on the data from Bing. Lastly, it gives infinite precision for fundamental arithmetic operations so that the calculations do not lose precision.

Adding graphic calculator functionality in a project that is underway. Microsoft hopes that this project will create an interesting end-user experience around graphing. Also, the User Interface from the official in-box Windows Calculator is from this repository. On the other hand, community members can actively participate in development of the UI (User Interface). However, developer creations will not contain graphing feature because of the utilization of mock implementation of the engine.

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